Spires Engineering was set up in 2004 primarily as a provider of Composite Design Engineering and CAD solutions to the aerospace and automotive industries. Spires Engineering continues to support major OEM’s with their design needs as well as now supplying 3D, PDM software and specialised training and development across the globe.

Specialist training capabilities, such as those associated with large OEM’s, position Spires Engineering as a key player in the market.

A wealth of experience and resources enables Spires Engineering to deal directly with all major Engineering sectors (Engineering Capability, and Training Capabilities).

Our partnerships with leading Universities and Government educational bodies have allowed us to create a unique and officially approved programme. Our “Design and Development Programme” enables students to become competent design engineers and realise their goals of a career in the aerospace sector.

CPD activities

  • Design and Development Programme

Who should attend?
The course is aimed at students and fresh engineers seeking to gain entry into the engineering sector.

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