Supportive solutions is a provider of the best quality training for Healthcare and Social Care organisations and individuals.  The company was started in its current form in 2016 and employs the professionalism and unique qualities of healthcare registered professionals such as Psychologists, Mental Health Nurses, RGN’s and Care Managers.  Dedication to quality and competitive pricing is our main focus and we work with you to provide training in First Aid, BLS, ILS, Moving & Handling of people, Person centred dementia skills, Epilepsy and New skills for access to caring.  Advanced courses focussing on Stress and distress of clients and also stress management and psychological first aid for healthcare practitioners also forms part of our wellbeing agenda.

CPD activities

  • Access to Caring
  • Person-Centred Dementia Skills
  • Stress and Distress
  • Moving & Handling Instructor

Who should attend?
All care workers including nurses, new to care, experienced care workers, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, unit managers, care at home workers and anyone else involved in the caring of another person. The stress debrief is for anyone that has experienced or is experiencing stress or trauma from an incident(s) at work.

Further Information: