The British Protocol Academy, UK Etiquette school is to inspire as many people as possible, whether in family or corporate settings, or with students, young people, and children. We love to educate leaders in any generation or age bracket and from anywhere in the world.


The British Protocol Academy aims to help every student, family, business owners, and young people to learn the basic elements of good manners. We offer a welcoming, non-judgmental environment that is relaxed, serious and fun, helping everyone to feel comfortable. Participants go home armed with new skills and a bright, optimistic outlook on life.

CPD activities

This provider is currently undergoing accreditation.

Who should attend?

  • Business Owners
  • Teenager/young people
  • Men/Women
  • Children
  • CEO/Directors/Employers/Employee’s
Our courses are aimed at professionals within the following sectors, but not limited to any:
  • Cooperate
  • Finance/Banking/Investment
  • Hotels/Restaurant/Household
  • Schools/College, Universities, Secondary Schools

Further Information: