The British School of Etiquette is an industry-leading organisation in etiquette and service training.

Alongside their belief in the importance of social graces and politeness, one of their aims at The British School of Etiquette is to bridge different cultures by helping people better understand the world and its cultural norms through the study of international etiquette.

They are dedicated to helping their students better themselves by providing them with the necessary building blocks to develop the confidence and knowledge that will lead to them reaching their ultimate potential. Their vision is to provide the highest professional standards of education, not only to individuals but also to organisations in the hospitality, retail, leisure and tourism sectors, helping these organisations become the best and most sought after within their industry. Through their expert training, their students will be able to use the correct and appropriate etiquette to feel calm, at ease and confident in every situation.

CPD activities

  • Social and Business Etiquette Service Skills and Standards
  • Train the Trainer (Etiquette, Manners & Life Skills)

Who should attend?
Social and Business Etiquette Service Skills and StandardsTrain the Trainer (Etiquette, Manners and Life Skills) 

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