A professional, experienced and compassionate canine first aid training company with a desire to provide lifesaving skills for our dogs to as many people nationwide as possible. The canine first aid skills learnt and practised can make the difference between a life and death situation whether it be out and about or in the home immediately following an accident or medical emergency. Our mission is to support our canine friends as we would our human counterparts. Our dogs have as much right and need for these vital first aid skills as humans do. We work closely with vets who support canine first aid and recognises the importance of our first aid involvement. Canine first aiders are the bridge/chain of survival before we can get to professional vet’s intervention. We work nationwide, including Ireland and Scotland, focusing solely on delivering the finest quality canine first aid training courses to canine businesses, individuals who work with dogs and, of course, dog owners.

CPD activities

  • CFAC Emergency Canine First Aid
  • CFAC Emergency Canine First Aid (No Human)
  • CFAC Emergency Canine First Aid Refresher
  • CFAC Emergency Canine First Aid At Work

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