The English Manner is the UK’s leading etiquette, protocol and household management consultancy, offering training sessions and courses, seminars and presentations across the world, working alongside royal and diplomatic households, leading corporations and businesses, schools, universities and individual clients. Alexandra Messervy FRSA, formerly of the Royal Household of Her Majesty The Queen, founded The English Manner in 2001.

Our accredited etiquette and protocol courses and household training is extensive, bringing contemporary relevance to a world of traditional values.

CPD activities

  • Train The Trainer
  • Finishing Touch Course
  • Business Etiquette and Protocol
  • Social Etiquette

Who should attend?
The Train The Trainer course is aimed at those who wish to develop a deeper understanding of, and skill set in, etiquette and protocol, with a view to teaching others. Our TTT course lasts for five days and consists of one-to-one tuition with senior tutors. Our Finishing Touch Course is ideal for those wishing to add that extra bit of polish to their lives, brushing up on essential social and professional skills for the new academic year or to pick up new tricks and tips to enhance years of life experience. It is designed for those wishing to get ahead of their peers and prepare themselves for a new stage in life, whilst gaining the advantages of learning in a supportive, group environment. Our Business Etiquette and Protocol course will equip students with the tools to ensure they get the upper hand in business situations. In an increasingly competitive marketplace, knowing how to behave in the professional world has never been more important. Our Social Etiquette course focuses on those burning questions and social sticking points you’ve always had but were too afraid to ask. It is ideal for those who wish to polish up their politesse, perhaps due to a change of lifestyle, living arrangement, or just to find that extra bit of confidence.

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