With a sea of charlatans and pretenders in the financial education industry, The Realistic Trader was created to combat this. Since 2013 we have become the UK’s leading ethical and realistic Trading/Investing training company. As the first and only CPD Accredited Crypto currency Investing course and community, this should be the only place to learn how to profit from the murky world of Cryptos.

CPD activities

  • Basic Crypto Investing Course for beginners combined with the UK's best Crypto community.


Who should attend?
Everyone. Cryptos are a brand new asset class and will do to Money what the Internet did to communication. It will be a rollercoaster asset but it's worth applying risk capital into this asset and holding for the long term.As Bitcoin appreciated over 3.3m% and the average Crypto growing 60 000%, even if you were to have a few hundred pounds worth, it's worth learning about.You will also learn a lot about Trading, Business and Investing whilst part of our community in the private FB group and quarterly meetings.

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