The Reluctant Salesman provides nationwide sales and client acquisition training for professional service providers, businesses and practices for whom traditional sales methods would be ineffective and inappropriate.

It offers an approach to selling that is designed for people who do not see sales as their primary role and resist the idea of being seen as stereotypical salespeople. The approach adopted is simple, unique and highly effective.

The company was founded in 2000 and incorporated in 2006 and has worked with companies and individuals in all sectors, both public and private, to help them in achieving their growth targets.

CPD activities

  • ‘Creating The Freedom to Sell’ sales and client acquisition programme
  • '10 New Clients’ One-day client acquisition workshop
  • Simple Selling

Who should attend?
In ‘Creating The Freedom to Sell’ they work with the clients team to create a sales ethos, creating simple processes that turn the workforce into a sales force ’10 New Clients’ is a one-day workshop that is open to groups and individuals from virtually any sector that wish to attract immediate business by the implementation of simple processes

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