Planned Ascent Group equips people and businesses for growth: connecting you to the appropriate insights, resources and methods to achieve and sustain the outcomes you want.

They provide a bespoke and practical blend of coaching, consulting and connections with trusted others. We will help you distil your vision and ideas, design your strategy and plans, and deliver them effectively to build sustainable growth and equity value.

They serve business owners and leaders: individually and in teams.

Our Clients typically lead privately-owned, established companies (or divisions of larger businesses) with 30 to 300 employees in any sector.

CPD activities


Business, Leadership and Executive Coaching; both one-to-one and for teams

Who should attend?
Owners and leaders of established businesses (£3-30m turnover/ 30-300 people) in all sectors who want to build sustainable growth and equity value. We deliver a bespoke and pragmatic blend of coaching and consulting to individuals and teams that delivers Growth: meaning a sustainable increase in capability and capacity leading to improved outcomes. Delegates will benefit from personal insights and skills, proven business tools and frameworks and connections to other professionals in our Trusted Circle. Or, more likely, a combination of these.

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