tpot is an acronym for the power of touch and is focused on educating spa, beauty, health, and wellness professionals on how to comfortably and confidently welcome clients with cancer and other limiting health conditions into UK spas and salons by providing a range of entry-level and advanced post-graduate training courses, workshops and masterclasses that deepen health-related underpinning knowledge and celebrate the wonders of wellness and the magic of conscious care through meaningful touch.

CPD activities

  • Understanding Cancer - A tpot short course for Spa, Beauty, Health & Wellness Professionals
  • Tpot's Tranquil Touch Technique for Treating Clients Living with or Beyond Cancer

Who should attend?
Tpot’s CPD training courses are primarily post-graduate training focused on building confidence and skill set amidst professional spa, beauty, health and wellness therapists and practitioners. Although they also offer a range of bite-size learnings and masterclasses at the introductory level for those with an interest in health and wellness.

Further Information: