u4c4seconds Limited. Excel upskilling.

u4c is a controlled application of Excel’s ‘Advanced Filter’ command when used with business data spreadsheets.

u4c provides all four logical steps to Control – the Capability, Comprehension and Confidence needed for Control decisions.

u4cseconds.com is a lifetime Membership website. Members receive hands-on tuition over three months to apply u4c along with the lifetime right to use copywritten u4c-enabled Excel (u4c ‘Wand’) files to quickly and safely apply u4c for themselves, clients or SME organisations.

u4c enables Members to draw 4-second answers to any question they may wish to ask (prescribe) of the data held in any SME Excel data spreadsheet.

CPD activities

The U4C Members Course

Who should attend?
All persons who create or use Excel data spreadsheets in business, accounting and financial management

  1. SME owners, finance directors, financial control officers and accounting staff
  2. SME business managers and operational staff
  3. SME auditors and audit staff at all levels
  4. Partners, managers and staff of accountancy firms
  5. Any person with a need to upskill their Excel in business credentials

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