Victoria Vaughan FCIM FInstLM, Executive Coach and Marketing Mentor, trades under the name of Leadership Excel ( Victoria has 15 years of leadership expertise having run her own marketing business since 2002

Victoria is on the CPD journey herself and is a Fellow Member of the Chartered Institute of Marketing and also a Fellow Member of The Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM).

Victoria is also a twice-elected borough councillor for Worthing, policy advisor for branding and corporate reputation to the leader of Worthing Borough Council and Vice-Chairman of Worthing Planning Committee. She launched West Sussex Credit Union in 2008 in her role as Vice Chairman and also founded a children’s charitable organisation called Talent Within You in 2009.

Victoria helps professionals on Continued Professional Development (CPD) programmes to develop their leadership skills ready for leadership roles. Please see Victoria’s full profile at:

Did you know that 38% of new leaders fail or are not as effective as first thought during the recruitment process? (source: Centre for Creative Leadership).

Did you know that the UK’s productivity is only 18% which is below the Group of Seven advanced economies? The UK needs to learn to work smarter, therefore, the UK needs to create more effective leaders.

Leadership Excel’s (Victoria Vaughan) vision is to significantly improve both these alarming statistics by 2025 through coaching professionals, like you, to excel in their leadership positions.

Victoria can help you if … You are a professional within your field and you are excellent at the ‘technical’ aspects of your job. You keep up-to-date with your CPD and are open to being coached/mentored. Victoria can coach/mentor you on a private or sponsored (paid for by your organisation) basis.

Ideally, you are either a new leader (mid or senior manager) who has recently been promoted within an existing organisation, or you are a leader (mid or senior manager)  with 1-5 years who has accepted a new leadership role within a different organisation. You want to excel in your leadership role and understand you have a limited timespan to impress stakeholders that matter.

You want to understand how to gain credibility because you understand your performance will be scrutinised. Or perhaps you are working within an organisation and are frustrated by the current leadership and believe you hidden leadership ability which simply needs nurturing to make a positive difference and be noticed.

You will feel comfortable being open during executive coaching sessions, enabling Victoria and you to explore opportunities at a much deeper level, discovering insights and exciting ideas which will surprise you in a good way.  Remember: Anything is possible.

Victoria’s executive coaching techniques will help you think outside-the-box and create effective strategies for developing your leadership skills so you are noticed for the right reasons.

Executive coaching sessions can take place at your place of work or at a mutually convenient location or by Skype / telephone.

Before coaching takes place, clients will complete a registration form which will assess your current leadership skills. It also helps Victoria to perform an audit so that executive coaching sessions can take place in context, adding value to sessions.

Victoria will then share with you a coaching contract which you will both read and sign. The contract explains the European Mentoring and Coaching council (EMCC) Code of Conduct which Victoria is a member of. The contract also explains the commitment required from both you and Victoria.

Please see Vitoria’s full profile and website at:

Victoria has worked with some of the UK’s leading businesses. Why not take a look at Victoria’s executive coaching testimonials at:

Coaching time spent with Leadership Excel (Victoria Vaughan) not only develops your leadership skills, but also counts as time towards your CPD and you will be issued with a CPD certificate after your coaching sessions (and payment).

Victoria uses the ©LeadershipEXCEL™ Model

(developed by Victoria Vaughan FCIM FInstLM)

E=EXPLORE: Using solutions-focused questioning combined with deep questioning, this is really powerful and helps clients focus on the solution rather than the problem.

X = X-TRUDE: Shaping the future through questioning assumptions. If a client is having problem with a strategy or something isn’t working that used to, Victoria will help you look at all the possibilities. Generally its best to go back to your core-purpose and what you want to achieve – this is where you discover if your personal and corporate brand align.

C = CREATE: This is creating something new that didn’t exist before – fresh goals without limiting assumptions – instead of improving stale goals. Through double-loop learning, Victoria questions what you are trying to achieve and why you do the existing task at all.

E = EMPOWER: Victoria uses relationship tools to plot the dream team required for to implement short – medium and long term strategies. If you are experiencing problems with a board member, Victoria will explore strategies to help improve your relationships.

L = LEAD & LEARN Leaders are encouraged to practice everything discussed in between executive coaching sessions.

Victoria is exceptionally creative which means she can help you spot transformation opportunities. Occasionally, and with your permission, Victoria may switch into marketing mentor mode and share tools to empower you to spot the opportunity him or herself – which, again, takes the session to a deeper level.

CPD activities

Victoria Vaughan is an accredited coach with the CPD Standards Office offering:

  • 1-2-1 or Group Executive Coaching Sessions in Person or by Skype/Telephone
  • 1-2-1 or Group Marketing Mentoring Sessions in Person or by Skype/Telephone
  • Or a blend of executive coaching/marketing mentoring in 1-2-1 or group sessions in person or by Skype/Telephone

Who should attend?

Target group:
  • CPD Professionals who have been promoted to a new leadership position within an existing organisation; maybe to a different department or geographic area
  • Leaders with experience who have been appointed to a new organisation
  • Leaders with experience who are moving to an organisation with cultural change or restructuring
  • Aspiring leaders wanting to market themselves to appeal to a decision maker/team crucial to their progression
  • Professional managers who are struggling to make it director grade
  • Small business owners (on CPD programme) who want leadership experience in larger organisations
Please complete Victoria’s New Leadership assessment quiz to see how ready you are for your leadership role here
Profile … You are a professional within your field who is excellent at the ‘technical’ aspects of their job. You are always keep up to date with your CPD. You fit the description of one of the above and want to excel in you new position and understand you have a limited timespan to impress stakeholders that matter. You want to understand how to achieve to gain credibility because you understand your performance will be scrutinised. You are willing to be open in sessions, so together, we can question any limiting assumptions which are holding you back. Remember: Anything is possible.

Further Information: