Visioning You Visioning Me provides Visioning Board Experiences, for individuals who are committed to professional and personal development and who want greater clarity, confidence, resilience, and emotional intelligence.

At Visioning You Visioning Me, we concentrate on the process and not the destination, working with images, visually evoking colours, symbols, descriptors, and representations. We facilitate an immersive experiential creative Visioning Process that connects individuals to an innate capacity to create personally meaningful visual representations of a moment in time and an inner wisdom.

From students to CEO’s, start-ups to entrepreneurs our bespoke service delivers.

CPD activities

  • Visioning Board Experience

Who should attend?
We work with professionals at all levels and from all industries across a wide age-range and keep our delegates at the heart of everything that we do. We provide the best learning experiences to build confidence and self-efficacy, improve decision- making and motivation, develop competency and efficiency, stimulate connection and sure footedness, invigorate, and infuse purpose and goals with passion, insight and wisdom.

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