I work as a freelance coach with my website listed at https://www.coachfield.co.uk/

I am a chartered psychologist with a specialism in business and organisational psychology. My coaching is aimed at providing strategic interventions to professionals focussing on the whole person.

I offer coaching on:

  • Career challenges and career progression
  • Clarifying your personal career goals, and what you can do to get there
  • Improving your personal effectiveness Improving your relationships at work
  • difficult professional relationships
  • Stress at work
  • Improving work/life balance
  • Making changes in life and work
  • Self-development
  • Transpersonal development
  • Sustainability
  • Leadership
  • Personal money management
  • Sustainability
  • Addiction

CPD activities

Volker Patent is an accredited coach with the CPD Standards Office.

Who should attend?
I want to work with clients in business, social care, education, health services, who are interested in personal change and transformation. As a coach, I will be working with you on an area of your life and career in which you desire change and transformation. I intend to engage you in a thought-provoking and creative process inspiring you to maximize your personal and professional potential.

Further Information: