WYK Empower is a third-sector education provider offering educational courses on human rights, gender equality, conflict transformation, and the UN-SDGs. We empower our beneficiaries by providing them with the tools and knowledge they need to become agents of change within their communities, who can combat issues such as discrimination, abuse, poverty, and conflict. Alongside our courses, we provide work, business, and learning opportunities in order to build local capacities to maintain achieving the UN-SDGs. Our unique emphasis on entrepreneurship and long-term business support for youth and adults will encourage our beneficiaries to achieve economic freedom.

CPD activities

This provider is currently undergoing accreditation.

Who should attend?
Our courses/workshops are currently aimed at Primary age students from 6yrs old to 11 years old and Secondary students from 12-17 years old and Adults (including youth & women) from `18+. We look to partner with high schools, universities, women, and youth centers.

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