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They are a leading Wellbeing consultancy. They work with businesses to improve their employee wellbeing and therefore delivering measurable benefits to clients including improvements in:
• Productivity rates – 10 to 20% increase via a toolkit to track and improve personal wellbeing
• Sickness levels – 10 to 20% absenteeism reduction via effective work life balance strategies
• Retention rates – 10 to 20% increase in career longevity
• Reputation – enhanced industry and internal reputation for proactive wellbeing management
They work closely with their clients to create the best wellbeing strategies through their 3 step approach [Assess, Consult, Deliver] and provide in-house training, workshops and one-to-one support as needed. Their flexible approach is what they’re known for.

CPD activities

Yoke Wellbeing Training Programme 1

Who should attend?
They can work with any size of organisation in any sector, and tailor our approach accordingly to deliver wellbeing improvements for employees. Typically they will be approached by an HR representative from a business and use our Assess, Consult, Deliver process to achieve the businesses’ HR wellbeing objectives. They provide measurable results that more and justify the investment.

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