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New Insights Life Coaching

CPD Standards Office Provider ID: 21078

New Insights specialises in training people to become well equipped, confident, practising life coaches. It does so using a comprehensive certification programme developed specifically for home study/distance learning purposes. New Insights has been established since 2003 and has operations in both the UK (New Insights Life Coaching UK) and South Africa (New Insights Africa) to… Read more »

New Insight Analysis

CPD Standards Office Provider ID: 22044

With a background in the world of Criminal Intelligence stretching back 14 years, New Insight Analysis (NIA) has been offering both investigations support and training support across private and public sectors since 2013. ┬áHaving spent many an occasion working on live crimes in action such as kidnaps and contract killings, NIA is uniquely positioned to… Read more »

Insights for Professionals

CPD Standards Office Provider ID: 60062

Insights for Professionals provide free access to the latest thought leadership from global brands and industry experts. We create, gather and deliver the latest valuable knowledge for senior professionals across the globe. We aim to help you gain useful insight, stay up to date, and be inspired by the leaders in your field. This covers… Read more »

Autism Cork

CPD Standards Office Provider ID: 41144

Autism Cork was created to support parents, teachers, professionals and autistic individuals to improve their quality of life. We believe that with a better understanding of autism combined with working in partnership with autistic people, to get the right supports to meet their needs, can make a difference in the lives of autistic individuals. Autistic… Read more »

Beans Group – VOXBURNER

CPD Standards Office Provider ID: 41021

Voxburner is the youth insights consultancy that reports on the new generation. Through our daily insights, research and events we let marketing professionals know the trends, habits and attitudes that are about to impact their business. Our youth consumer insights help brands and agencies shape strategy, product development and communications. We deliver inspirational events that… Read more »

The Beans Group

Beans Group – Voxburner

CPD Standards Office Provider ID: 21009

The Beans Group is a media company that empowers young people to thrive. In 2005, James Eder founded the website Student Beans one week before his graduation, 9 years later the company has grown to a team of over 40 people and named Digital Business of the Year 2013 at the National Business Awards. The… Read more »