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Engaged Communications (Encom) UG

CPD Standards Office Provider ID: 41178

Tailor-made platforms created to perfect the art of learning, networking and business development. Encom events are curated keeping in mind the industry’s needs, these events provide unparalleled access to information, data and learning along with detailed networking opportunities to maximize your business potential.

Lifeline Workshops Inc.

CPD Standards Office Provider ID: 22037

We are a social enterprise company specializing in development and dissemination of educational programs in mental health/wellness and suicide prevention. Our flagship program, The ASK Workshop: Assessing for Suicide in Kids, specifically addresses suicide risk in young children. We also offer online courses and our team presents the full suite of the LivingWorks Education programs… Read more »

Steve Carr Consulting

CPD Standards Office Provider ID: 21981

A Mind to Teach is a training course aimed at schools and colleges that helps teachers and lecturers foster collaborative and productive learning relationships with students. In line with DofE teacher standards, the training offers educators “insights into the way children develop intellectually” and how to create relationships that enhance “pupil’s ability to learn’. The… Read more »

Jennifer Burke

CPD Standards Office Provider ID: 2115998

Your Personal Development (YPD) provides 1:1 coaching for professionals in the public sector. Founded in 2014, YPD has worked with NHS professionals, educators and management to develop personal qualities in order to improve performance, productivity and enjoyment of the professional role. With a focus on confidence, communication and balance, YPD Coaching covers many of the… Read more »


CPD Standards Office Provider ID: 50155

Our platform truly is the simplest and most efficient training suite available on the market. If any question or requirement you have is not covered below, please do contact us – we will find the answer/solution for you. Key features include: Bespoke management structure 100% online – no downloads necessary Compatible with all operating systems… Read more »

James Machon Coaching

CPD Standards Office Provider ID: 2115994

At James Machon Coaching we offer professional coaching and training services for individuals, groups and businesses. I build tailored coaching solutions that will help to turn your goals and aspirations into reality. My extensive experience of the finance sector enables me to have genuine empathy with my clients as I recognise the challenges that this… Read more »

Red Button Marketing

CPD Standards Office Provider ID: 22012

Red Button Marketing was founded in 2017 by Margaret Bradshaw.  With over 30 years’ experience, Margaret gives motivation, creative ideas and real results to clients. The company offers strategic marketing training and ongoing support.  This means you can focus on with running your business, knowing that your marketing is being driven forward with passion, focus and results… Read more »

Self Help UK

CPD Standards Office Provider ID: 21343

Self Help UK is a Registered Charity with over 35 years’ experience in supporting the voluntary self-help community to set up, develop and sustain self-help groups. These groups have a varied focus in supporting their members across a wide range of physical and mental health challenges. Using members’ invaluable lived experience, the groups offer a… Read more »

Urban Training Academy

CPD Standards Office Provider ID: 22034

This is a new company started with the objective of teaching beginners and advanced students a range of hair extensions and hair loss treatments. We have received a lot of interest and look forward to properly get up and running.