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Gangsline Ltd

CPD Standards Office Provider ID: 21876

Gangsline was founded in 2007. Gangsline’s unique qualities are that they mostly employ former gang members, whose knowledge keeps Gangsline up-to-date with the parallel world that gang members live in. They are a consultancy and training company, which specialises in gangs training. The training session is unique in combining the experience and expertise of former… Read more »

Clear Sky

CPD Standards Office Provider ID: 21842

Clear Sky Children’s Charity  was founded in 2009 and provides Play & Creative Arts Therapy for children who are experiencing mental health and wellbeing difficulties, to enable them to explore and express themselves through the language of play. By offering support to parents and providing professionals with specialist skills we help parents and carers to… Read more »

The Health Zone Training and Events

CPD Standards Office Provider ID: 41144

The Health Zone Training and Events is an organisation which provides conferences, workshops and trainings in the area of mental health, addiction, autism and health and wellbeing. They offer person centered approaches and strategies to empower and educate people to realise their full potential and live happy and healthy lives. The organisation seeks to promote… Read more »

Core Learning (Core Knowledge)

CPD Standards Office Provider ID: 21637

Core Learning was set up in 2015 by the award-winning marketing communications company, Core, to provide a clear training path for media, marketing and advertising professionals. As part of Core, Core Learning has unparalleled access to the best tutors in the industry. Tutors who plan, manage and activate award winning marketing and communication campaigns every… Read more »

Hunrosa Ltd

CPD Standards Office Provider ID: 21840

Hunrosa was founded in November 2017. A sound night’s sleep is important for our health and sense of wellbeing. Sleep is an essential factor in development, growth, immunity from disease and learning. The art of restful sleep can be promoted and achieved at any age and this is what Hunrosa delivers to children and to… Read more »

Chanua Ltd

CPD Standards Office Provider ID: 21862

Chanua is an award winning Healthcare and Technology organisation. We work on a range of mental health, health and enterprise projects focusing on training, early stage and preventative services and products. We work across the Education, Enterprise and Health Sectors Founded in 2015, Chanua creates training and products using technology, psychology and gamification that foster… Read more »


CPD Standards Office Provider ID: 21853

Glide2ride teaches kids and adults how to ride a bicycle without training wheels. Daniela Hudson founded Glide2ride in 2013.  Through the unique method that Daniela created, children learn how to ride a bike while building confidence and important life lessons.

Marcela A. Soler

CPD Standards Office Provider ID: 2115978

Marclea A Soler is an accredited coach with the CPD Standards Office. Reveal Business Support provides management consulting, coaching and mentoring for start-ups and SMEs that aim to grow as businesses. Marcela Soler leads the business: After having performed successful Financial Director Roles and mentored tenths of managers across the world in well known organisations… Read more »


CPD Standards Office Provider ID: 21895

Our company is Ambius We specialize  in the design  , installation and maintenance of interior and exterior plant displays. We specialize in bringing planting schemes alive from design process to installation. We are industry leaders and have won many UK and global awards for our work. We have experience across all sectors and operate not… Read more »

CPD Standards Office Provider ID: 21883 is a personal security training consultancy created in 2018 to provide and deliver accredited training for personnel employed within security, public and education sectors and military personnel. The benefits from our training are quite straightforward: they offer a more effective and efficient way of managing your staff’s exposure to personal physical threat. This is… Read more »