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Developed Edge Ltd

CPD Standards Office Provider ID: 21317

At Developed Edge they are committed to: Increasing performance Working with professionalism Acting with warmth and kindness Focusing on positive action Building confidence Demonstrating sincerity Making a difference with a sense of enjoyment Their board, partners and non-executive advisory committee all have these values in common. It’s why they work together and why they do what they do. Their philosophy… Read more »

Merger Services Ltd

CPD Standards Office Provider ID: 21131

Merger Services Ltd was founded in 2004 to fill a gap in the market for practical mergers and acquisitions training courses designed specifically for executives in global corporations. All their courses are taught by tutors with hands-on experience gained as part of management teams making successful acquisitions – not by academics or professional advisors with… Read more »


CPD Standards Office Provider ID: 21339

Specialising in juvenile firesetting behaviour, fabtic delivers training, case supervision and consultancy services to all organisations working with at-risk children and young people.  Since its launch in June 2013, fabtic has worked with 44 UK fire and rescue services, and delivered training in working with vulnerable children and families to staff from forensic psychology, mental… Read more »

New Insights Life Coaching

CPD Standards Office Provider ID: 21078

New Insights specialises in training people to become well equipped, confident, practising life coaches. It does so using a comprehensive certification programme developed specifically for home study/distance learning purposes. New Insights has been established since 2003 and has operations in both the UK (New Insights Life Coaching UK) and South Africa (New Insights Africa) to… Read more »

Lynskeys Care Services Consultancy Ltd

CPD Standards Office Provider ID: 21430

Lynskeys Care Services Consultancy is a training provider and consultancy working in the social care sector established in January 2013. Teresa Lynskey founded Lynskeys Care Services Consultancy, having spent 17 years working in the care sector with leading companies, and is also a trustee of the Care Workers’ Charity. Lynskeys Care Services Consultancy offers a… Read more »

Sue Lewis

CPD Standards Office Provider ID: 2115915

Sue Lewis Coaching was established in 2013 for professionals who want to improve at what they do but are so busy with their day to day lives that they don’t have time to focus on their future. They work together to gain clarity on what really drives you so you can focus on what is… Read more »

Merete Langler

CPD Standards Office Provider ID: 2115917

LangSand Coaching works with Small Business owners and with Young People within them. In her work we help them develop their plans, ideas and strategies , from time management through to handling staff issues and major business choices. Clients have said they enjoy the way they are moved forward using a calm, gentle manner and… Read more »

Kelton Engineering Ltd

CPD Standards Office Provider ID: 21347

KELTON® is an independent company specialising in measurement consultancy, auditing, training and the provision of specialist software. Founded in 1991, KELTON® has over 500 man years of experience of flow measurement systems and an outstanding reputation in the provision of:  Inspection, auditing and certification  Uncertainty analysis  Training  Engineering studies, project management,… Read more »

HVPD (High Voltage Partial Discharge Ltd)

CPD Standards Office Provider ID: 21330

HVPD are experts in the on-line partial discharge (OLPD) condition monitoring of in-service, medium and high voltage networks. They offer a complete range of OLPD diagnostic test and monitoring equipment to provide an early warning of incipient high voltage insulation faults. Their technology supports condition based maintenance (CBM) asset management programmes, enabling their clients to… Read more »

British Frozen Food Federation (BFFF)

CPD Standards Office Provider ID: 41062

BFFF is the UK’s frozen food trade association, with over 320 members comprising Producers, Wholesalers, Importers, Exporters, Brokers, Retailers and related Associate businesses. Membership provides an excellent opportunity for frozen food companies and associates to gain awareness at both commercial and legislative levels and also to understand how BFFF is promoting the industry. BFFF has… Read more »