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Square Mile Education Ltd

CPD Standards Office Provider ID: 50074

Are you exposed to price volatility of commodities, currencies or stock markets? We are here to help. Square Mile brings together a team of proven, successful and industry leading trainers to educate clients on global derivatives.

The Scotcoin Project CIC

CPD Standards Office Provider ID: 21434

Money is changing. Scotcoin is the future of money and an innovative way of purchasing goods and services.   Scotcoin is digital cash and gives the people of Scotland an effective alternative to the pound Sterling. Scotcoin is Scotland’s crypto-currency. Transactions with Scotcoin are fast, secure and cheap.   You will be able to use Scotcoin in… Read more »


CPD Standards Office Provider ID: 21464

We’re here round the clock, every single day of the year. We support anyone who needs us through 201 branches across the UK and Republic of Ireland. We know our service can help people before it’s too late.

Safer Poole Partnership

CPD Standards Office Provider ID: 21022

Safer Poole Partnership tackle crime and substance abuse and promote a better sense of belonging in order to make people feel safer.  Safer Poole Partnership brings together the Police, Fire Service, Borough of Poole, NHS and around 50 other organisations to achieve this. For the past five years, the partnership has worked to listen and respond… Read more »

Richard Gott – Speaker

CPD Standards Office Provider ID: 70008

Widely recognised as one of the leading membership and association sector thought leaders in the UK, I provide senior leadership, management and member focused advisory services to a range of leading membership organisations and associations wishing to action structured and robust change, development and growth.

Denny Training Ltd

CPD Standards Office Provider ID: 60038

Denny Training has provided customised training and business support since 1980. In the late 1990’s the British Academy Diploma Courses were launched and early in 2000 the highly credited and popular one day programmes were introduced.

Initial Medical

CPD Standards Office Provider ID: 60047

Initial Medical UK provides leading Washroom services as well as offering specialist expertise in Healthcare Waste Management from local branches across the country.

Red Balloon Training Ltd

CPD Standards Office Provider ID: 21436

Red Balloon Training was set up in 2008 to specialise in high quality bespoke training for health and social care professionals. Initially offering only the flagship course of Foetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder, clients were so impressed they asked for additional courses to be written. Red Balloon Training now delivers a range of courses.

Psychosynthesis Coaching Ltd

CPD Standards Office Provider ID: 21290

Leadership coaching has a crucial role to play in developing and supporting today’s leaders to be able to meet the challenges they’ll face in tomorrow’s organisations. At Psychosynthesis Coaching, we aim to provide a leadership coach training that not only establishes the basic foundations for successful coaching, but also enables coaches to work at the deeper psychological… Read more »

PR Smith Marketing Ltd

CPD Standards Office Provider ID: 50060

PR Smith is an author, speaker and advisor to organisations around the world. His books (two of which are best sellers) are translated into 6 languages. His talks, seminars and workshops around the world get rave reviews He advises innovative start-up companies via government bodies and directly Paul’s SOSTAC® Planning framework was… Read more »