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The Coaching Academy

CPD Standards Office Provider ID: 21159

Established in 1999, The Coaching Academy aim to provide the highest quality of coach training available and offer a bespoke level of support supplying learners with the fundamental skills, knowledge, tools and resources to be an effective coach. They have developed a fantastic reputation since opening their doors. They started when coaching was a relatively… Read more »

Centaur Media PLC

CPD Standards Office Provider ID: 21007

Centaur Media PLC are a leading UK based business information and media group. They provide marketing and information solutions to buyers and sellers within several high value professional and commercial market communities. Their principal focus is on digital solutions, supported by a strong portfolio of events.

Enterprise Learning

CPD Standards Office Provider ID: 60001

Enterprise Learning are a consultancy specialising in Regulated Business Transformation. They assist change and growth in their clients’ regulated businesses by combining their own Regulatory, Financial, Sales and Process Improvement expertise to properly identify opportunities for improvement, before designing and implementing solutions to those opportunities. They do this by providing comprehensive training and development of… Read more »

ILLY Systems

CPD Standards Office Provider ID: 20179

ILLY Systems started work in 1993, initially supplying IT systems for the banking sector worldwide. Since then their aim has been to really make a difference for communities in the UK. This has led them to work with charities and government organisations within social services and in particular specialising in the substance misuse sector through their… Read more »

Empiribox Ltd

CPD Standards Office Provider ID: 41012

Empiribox offer a new method of teaching science at primary level that aims to make science lessons fun as well as informative for both pupils and teachers. Providing teachers with CPD-accredited, structured training, lesson plans and equipment, and background scientific knowledge, Empiribox empowers primary-level educators to provide their pupils with hands-on, investigative science lessons that… Read more »

Dog First Aid Franchise Ltd

CPD Standards Office Provider ID: 21188

Dog First Aid Franchise Ltd specialises in training those who work with dogs and responsible owners with emergency care skills.  They offer veterinary approved, formally accredited, CPD training courses for dog handlers in the Ministry of Defence, Police and Search & Rescue dog handlers, dog trainers, walkers, boarders, groomers, show judges, ring craft handlers, gun dog trainers, rescue volunteers… Read more »

Vets with Horsepower

CPD Standards Office Provider ID: 21080

Vets with Horsepower are a group of motorbiking senior level vets who go on tour delivering high level CPD for charity. The objective of the tours is to raise money and awareness of specific causes. The concept was put together between Derek Knottenbelt and other senior biking vets to save the Riding for Disabled Centre,… Read more »

C C Consulting Ltd

CPD Standards Office Provider ID: 21142

CC Consulting Ltd provides training, leadership development and coaching for SME and corporate businesses. Each programme is bespoke to the client’s needs and budget and can be a mix of coaching, workshops and e-learning. The content is based on a facilitated learning approach that works with the attendee’s practical experiences and challenges. Personal action plans… Read more »

Hemlow Ltd

CPD Standards Office Provider ID: 21059

Hemlow Ltd are a commercial HVAC service provider that specialise in Mechanical, Electrical and HVAC plant maintenance, service and repair. They offer CPD training in management related to commercial building services.

Event Academy

CPD Standards Office Provider ID: 21153

Event Academy are providers of the UK’s most comprehensive and experiential event management training courses. Fully accredited by the Chartered Institute of Marketing they provide practical, skill based training for those wanting to increase their knowledge of event management for a current work role or train for a career change. Students have the flexibility to learn… Read more »