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British College of Osteopathic Medicine (BCOM)

BCOM offers training events to support CPD.

British Psychological Society (BPS)


The BPS recommends that members undertake 1/2 to 1 day of CPD a month. The Health and Care Professions Council by law requires psychologists registered with the HPC to keep a continuous, up-to-date and accurate record of a variety of CPD activities. These activities must contribute to the quality of their practice and service delivery… Read more »

Federation of the Royal Colleges of Physicians of the United Kingdom (Royal Colleges of Physicians of London, Edinburgh, and Glasgow)


All physicians who are registered to use the online CPD diary scheme are required to complete a minimum of 50 hours per year. Within this minimum requirement, 25 hours must be external, and up to 10 can be personal hours. The CPD diary runs on an annual cycle, from 1 April to 31 March. At… Read more »

National Pharmaceutical Association (NPA)

The NPA supports CPD through a web-based learning service and the provision of training courses.

Nurses & Midwives Council


As a condition of registration, nurses and midwives must undertake at least 35 hours of learning relevant to their practice every 3 years. You should document each learning activity you have undertaken in the three years prior to renewing your registration. The NMC audits compliance with the Prep (CPD) standard.

Regulator: General Optical Council (GOC)


As a condition of registration, dispensing opticians and optometrists need 36 continuing education and training (CET) general points over 3 years. Practitioners on a specialist register need additional specialist points. Different activities merit different points. Once you have confirmed your points on, you don’t need to do anything else. Cetoptics will automatically notify the… Read more »

Regulator: General Pharmaceutical Council (GPhC)


As a condition of registration, registrants must keep a record of CPD and submit it to the Council on request, make at least 9 CPD entries per year that reflect the context and scope of the registrant’s practice, and record how their CPD has contributed to the quality or development of their practice using the… Read more »

Regulator: General Medical Council (GMC)


By April 2016, the GMC will have required most licensed doctors to revalidate every 5 years. The revalidation process will include doctors providing evidence that they have engaged in CPD. Specific CPD requirements are largely determined by the relevant Medical Royal Colleges.

Regulator: The Complimentary and Natural Healthcare Council (CNHC)


In order to remain on the register, all CNHC registered practitioners are required to participate in CPD, which is defined as “a range of learning activities through which professionals grow and develop throughout their careers to ensure that they retain their capacity to practise safely, effectively and legally within their evolving scope of practice”. The… Read more »

Regulator: The General Dental Council (GDC)


The enhanced CPD scheme started on January 2018 for dentists and will be starting on 1 August 2018 for dental care professionals. The main changes to the scheme are: ​The requirement for all dental professionals to have a personal development plan (PDP); An increase in the number of verifiable hours for most professional titles and the requirement… Read more »


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