Bar Standards Board (BSB)


A commitment to the constant updating of knowledge and skills is the hallmark of being a professional and the BSB has a statutory responsibility to assure the public, independently, that they can rely on barristers as being up to date and competent. Once members receive their full practising certificate as a barrister, they are therefore required to comply with the BSB Handbook rules about completing CPD.

CPD for New Practitioners

If you are a barrister who has held a practising certificate for less than three full calendar years, then you need to complete CPD in accordance with the rules for the New Practitioners Programme (NPP). These rules include:

  • The need to complete 45 hours of CPD within the three calendar years;
  • At least nine of these hours must be on advocacy;
  • At least three of these hours must be on ethics; and
  • You must also complete the Forensic Accounting course (if you did not complete it during your pupillage).

CPD for Established Practitioners

If you are a practising barrister of more than three years’ standing, then you need to complete CPD in accordance with the rules for the Established Practitioners Programme (EPP).

Compared with previous EPP schemes, the CPD requirements for established practitioners from 1 January 2017 mean that:

  • You will have more individual responsibility for deciding what CPD activities you require;
  • You will be able to choose from a wider range of CPD activities; and
  • There is no longer a requirement to complete a minimum number of accredited hours.

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