British Beauty Group

The British Group of Professional Beauty Therapists is UK’s fastest growing accrediting body and membership/insurance organization within the beauty industry with rapidly increasing recognition. The British Beauty Group represents highly trained and experienced beauty therapists offering treatments and private training courses.

The British Beauty Group approval process is a rigorous one which involves analyzing the credentials of each applicant against the National Standards Framework. This framework is the essence of Codes of Practice within the beauty industry.

The National Standards have been developed by employers, educators, associations and beauty industry professionals which have been submitted to the appropriate regulatory authorities for official approval.

The National Standards are made up of a structure that describes what an individual needs to do, know and understand in order to carry out a particular job role or service in a particular industry. At The British Beauty Group, the approval process is carried out by an expert team, some of which are highly qualified and experienced therapists and assessors along with other professional authorities.

These National Standards are what The British Beauty Group check against when considering approval of an individual wishing to carry out beauty treatments or anyone who would like to offer training courses, ensuring everyone works to a strict Code of Ethics. This enables clients and students to have the complete reassurance of feeling safe and having trust in their treatment or training provider upon seeing The British Group of Professional Beauty Therapists logo displayed

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