Chartered Institute of Securities and Investment (CISI)

The institute recommends 35 hours per annum across 4 learning areas. A minimum of 1 hour in each category: Active (Max 30); Reflective (15); Self-Directed (5); and Development (30).
Advisors required to obtain and hold an annual Statement of Professional Standing under the Retail Distribution Review are required to complete structured learning of 21 hours and 35 hours in total per annum.

Newly qualified advisers are not required to meet the prescribed number of CPD hours for their first SPS year only (but may be required by their firm to do so).

Personally chartered members are required to carry out 35 hours CPD per annum.

Firms may form their own accredited alternative arrangements.

A 28-day grace period is allowed after your year expires, during which you can update your log with any outstanding activities. If you have met the CPD requirement you will then either be selected for audit or your successful completion will be formally notified to you. CISI audits 20% of total of all members using the CISI scheme or a CISI-accredited scheme.

If you are selected for audit, you will receive an email requesting supporting evidence,you will have 35 days in which submit this. If the audit is unsuccessful you will receive written communication from the CISI stating the outcome and giving reasons for this decision. It is possible to appeal against the audit result. Any appeals need to be made in writing, within two weeks of the audit decision.

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