Nationally agreed professional standards help guide teachers’ professional development.

The standards cover the following career stages:
Q: qualified teacher status
C: core standards for teachers who have completed their induction
P: post-threshold teachers on the upper pay scale
E: excellent teachers
A: advanced skills teachers

The standards are arranged in three inter-related sections:

  1. Professional attributes
  2. Professional knowledge and understanding
  3. Professional skills

Best practice is for CPD to be included in the appraisal process.

  • The supervisor and the individual evaluate the latter’s strength and weaknesses against the national standards.
  • They identify professional development that will build on the teacher’s strengths and address any weaknesses.
  • They evaluate the effectiveness of the professional development after it has been undertaken.
  • They repeat this cycle at least once a year.

For more on professional standards, contact: www.education.gov.uk

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