The Geological Society of London (GeolSoc)


It is recommended that you record at least 90 hours of CPD for each year. A minimum of 30 hours must be from On-the-Job-learning. The remaining 60 hours* (= 90 – 30 hours) of CPD should be spread across at least 2 of the other 5 new CPD categories.

The new 2017 CPD scheme is a significant departure, with a much broader comprehension of CPD in place and wider range of topics admissible as CPD activities.

The new system is:

  • solely time based on hours (no longer a weighted points-based system)
  • easier to understand and use
  • more encompassing: a greater number of activities are included
  • re-categorised with six main categories of activities.

Different activities are assigned different points.
Online reporting is compulsory for Chartered Scientists and European Geologists and recommended for other members.

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