Cost Effective Strategies For Marketing Your Training Online

We often find that the training businesses we work with have an excellent product, but struggle to market it effectively.

With 8 out of 10 business-to-business purchases originating online, those looking for the training you provide are turning to the internet as their first port of call.

But, with so many different methods to reach your target market online, it can seem like a minefield when deciding where to spend your marketing budget.
“Do I need SEO, Google Pay Per Click, Blogging, LinkedIn Advertising, Facebook Ads? What about email marketing? Landing pages? Content marketing? YouTube PPC?”

Although all of these activities have one goal – to grow your business – some are much more effective than others for marketing you training…

Which is why we’d like to give you our five favourite techniques, tools and methods to build a proven system that converts your target market into happy paying customers.

Working out what drives your customer to purchase.
Successful marketing actually begins without doing any marketing at all. Like everything else, planning and research is the most crucial factor in success.
You need two pieces of information:

  1. What makes you stand out from your competition?
  2. What drives your customers to purchase?

There are many ways to find this information, for example in a brainstorming whiteboard session with your staff to identify all your unique selling points. You may have hundreds, but boil it down into just a few key points.Or you could ask your sales team to list their most effective closing tactics and even ask your customers why they bought from you directly. They will be happy to tell you.These points, articulated succinctly, become your marketing collateral and you are ready to advertise online.The next step is to understand where your target market can be found on line both by virtue of their demographic or their behaviour.

Attracting website visitors:

  1. LinkedIn PPC
    LinkedIn’s advertising platform is the undisputed heavyweight champion for B2B lead generation. With 15 Million users in the UK, your target market is on LinkedIn.
    You can target based on:

    • Industry
    • Size of business
    • Geographical location
    • Job title too.
    • Skillset Groups they belong to

    All of these combined mean you can get very specific, putting the right message in front of your perfect customer! You can even make a bespoke list of all the businesses you would like to get in front of and only target them.

    Whatever industries your training business specialises in, you can target, for example, HR managers in all the companies that you would like to work with or positions that are likely to be responsible for purchasing your training in certain companies.

    Whatever industries your training business specialises in, you can target, for example, HR managers in all the companies that you would like to work with or positions that are likely to be responsible for purchasing your training in certain companies.

  2. LinkedIn Farming
    This is a manual process of engaging with your target market on LinkedIn that does not require advertising budget at all. There are various tools and techniques for finding your market and engaging them in an intelligent conversation to position yourself as an authority and build a relationship, until such point they are ready to be sold to.
  3. Google PPC
    Google has 90% market share of the search engines, so it’s imperative for your business to rank highly when someone is searching for the training you provide.You can choose to display your advert when someone is searching for specific terms or words. For example you can show your advert only to people who are searching for Sales Training in your particular geographical location.It is a very powerful lead generation tool, because you only pay (if set up correctly) when someone who is searching specifically for your training clicks on your ad.You then send them to a specially designed page on your website (not your home page, please, but a landing page!), with a call to action offering them a free consultation. At this stage you have their contact information and are able to build a relationship with them.
  4. Remarketing
    Have you ever looked at a book or product on Amazon and been eerily followed around the web for days after? Seeing that same book pop up in adverts, no matter the website you are on?That’s Remarketing and you can do it too through the Google network. The best thing about it is it’s extremely cheap because you only pay when someone clicks, but it looks like you have an immense marketing budget because in the eyes of your prospect you are “everywhere”.
  5. Facebook
    The social network offers a proven system for targeting people who are exactly like your current customers.
    You can upload a list of your current customers into Facebook and through their ‘look-alike’ audience section you can display your advert to them too.
  6. Email Marketing:
    How to stand out as a training provider
    Email marketing is the most overlooked and misunderstood marketing method – we all use it in our businesses and we all receive hundreds of emails every week.
    Why are we advocating it so highly?
    a) It’s cheap and you can start using it properly today! Email is powerful because you probably have an email list of leads or prospects with whom you have been in contact but who have not yet purchased.
    b) It’s one of the best ways to differentiate yourself from your closest competition.

It’s still immensely under-used by training businesses owners like you. Let us ask you something…
You see, when done correctly, email marketing can be used to educate and give your customers insights that will help them. Doing this regularly sets you apart, making you the authority in your market that they want to buy from.Obviously, you can also use it to sell more of your products and services directly.It’s simple: You’re not making as much money as you could if you don’t have an effective email marketing strategy for your business.Chances are you’re not taking advantage of:

The latest email marketing methods to get your prospects opening your emails and seeing your offers.
Segmenting your list into groups with specific interests to ensure that each subscriber feels like you’re talking directly to them and their needs.

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