*Advice Not Competition For Training & Coaching Businesses*


Why Are We Launching A Training Academy?

The Professional Development Consortium is launching a training academy in direct response to popular and consistent demand from our members.

Our accredited membership community comprises of a huge variety of individuals and organisations and as such their training provision spans all industries whilst covering a multitude of topics. The delivery of these learning experiences is available via all online and offline channels.

Whilst all PDC accredited members deliver fantastic learning experiences, all of which have achieved formal independent CPD and/or Training Excellence recognition; a large proportion of our community frequently tell us that they struggle with keeping their own business, facilitation and soft/personal skills up to date resulting in requests for support and guidance on varying business topics, marketing advice and general commercial skills.

With exponential changes in technology, uncertain global economies and dramatic shifts in the skill sets required in today’s digital-human age; training providers are under increasing pressure to develop education that both fulfil their learner’s needs and client expectations.

In response to this demand, PDC has developed a unique training academy that is specifically focused on supporting training, learning and coaching businesses in 2020 and beyond.

Entitled the ‘Unfolding Futures Training Academy’ (UFA), operating as a sister organisation to PDC, UFA will deliver pan-industry and topic agnostic workshops available to both PDC members, and non-members (albeit at enhanced fees for the latter)

UFA’s Signature Course ‘The Business of Training’ is 100% focused on supporting our members, and wider society, through unique learning experiences that will build on the business credibility and reputation that you have worked so hard to achieve until now.

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Why Learn with UFA?

Having worked with 100’s of training and coaching organisations, the team at PDC know what really works (and what doesn’t) and have a unique and extensive insight on how to make a training or coaching business exceed in both vision and goals.

The powerful content collated for UFA, complements our research and accreditation services, has been gleaned and collated from our unique position and vantage point, as an accreditation and research organisation.

Over the past decade, we have independently verified all forms of professional training activities and learning providers, with PDC’s CPD Standards Office globally recognised accreditation as a true benchmark for training and educational quality.

From small training organisations focused on face-to-face training workshops, coaching professionals delivering a series of professional one-to-one sessions, to large corporates offering online learning, the Professional Development Consortium has an unparalleled and comprehensive understanding of adult learning and upskilling.

‘Wait a minute this doesn’t make sense…’

Asked one PDC accredited member recently… ‘surely PDC is not developing rival courses to its members’

Far from becoming a competitor to other training businesses, PDC’s Unfolding Futures Academy is offering a unique training service that directly supports other training, education and coaching businesses.

So please be rest assured that this really is ADVICE NOT COMPETITION.