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Welcome to the CPDSO Training Academy!

The CPD Standards Office is a distinctive organisation, founded with the vision of understanding and enabling positive and successful CPD and learning experiences.

What is it?

Responding to popular demand from our members – training organisations, coaching businesses and internal Learning and Development departments – the CPD Standards Office is launching a training academy.

Designed as pan industry and topic agnostic workshops; the CPDSO Training Academy will be delivering skills and educating members with cutting edge information and intelligence.

The powerful content has been gleaned and collated from our unique position and vantage point, as an accreditation and research organization.

Having worked with 100s of training and coaching organisations, we know what works (and what doesn’t) and have exclusive insight into making a training or coaching business soar to the stars.

We are living in a time of great uncertainty where change is the only constant.

As an individual business owner there is nothing you can do about the macro economic factors that affect your business. However, you do have one area that you can influence and that is your business. You and no one else are in control of your business and its success.

In today’s VUCA world, all business owners need to focus on developing their abilities and capabilities to respond to the changing factors and the only way to do this is to become agile. It is imperative that you develop your business so that it is agile and well placed to respond positively to anything that comes your way.

The masterclasses will enable CPDSO members and any independent trainer to develop their training businesses positively and successfully in 2020

“Become a Master Trainer”

As the Academy’s inaugural masterclass, the “Become a Master Trainer Masterclass” you will learn new concepts and techniques to increase your facilitation skills and to further develop your business skills by creating a blueprint plan for your business.

You will specifically learn how to:

  • Elevate your mastery as a trainer/facilitator
  • Increase your fees
  • Easily expand your learning portfolio and curriculum for 2020
  • Build an agile and responsive business
  • Reorient and refocus your business
  • Be resilient in the face of uncertainty and change
  • Use your CPDSO and / or PTE accreditation strategically and successfully to attract more delegates in 2020 and beyond
Who is it for:

The “Become a Master Trainer” masterclass welcomes:

  • Established trainers working within their own business
  • Professional trainers working as associates
  • Professional individuals working in learning and development, human resources.
  • Expert coaches
How much does it cost?

The two-day masterclass carries a standard fee of £795 + VAT.

All CPD Standards Office, and Provider of Excellence members receive a discounted fee of £395 + VAT.

When is it happening?

The Become a Master Trainer masterclass will be launching as a two-day course in November 2019. Delivered as two separate days, the masterclasses are scheduled to run at The Holiday Inn London, Mayfair, 3 Berkeley Street, Mayfair London W1J 8NE.

The masterclass will also be delivered in December, on 11th and 12th December at The Holiday Inn London, Mayfair, 3 Berkeley Street, Mayfair London W1J 8NE.

Book here for November –

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Note: the Become a Master Trainer masterclass will be delivered quarterly in 2020. Dates for 2020 will be published soon.

Delivered by Experts:

Amanda Rosewarne

CEO of the CPD Standards Office; Amanda has worked with 100s of training businesses and will share her extensive knowledge and experience developed over the last decade.  As a qualified organizational business psychologist, she has led the CPD Research Project over the past decade in partnership with universities, business schools and educational organisations.  As an academic and business leader, she has elite knowledge of UK and global training markets.

Phil Ives

For nearly 20 years, Phil built and ran a number of highly successful B2B media companies across all continents and serving all major industries. Today he supports a broad range of owner/managers and business leaders around the world in many different sectors – all of whom are serious about change, and restless to drive their organisations forward quickly.

His mission is to support values-based businesses along their journeys by transforming the energy and capabilities required to gain control of their commercial and cultural destinies. His clients are left refocused, refreshed and re-energised.

Phil is known for:
– fast growth – revenues, profits and/or equity value
– challenging habits
– leveraging core capabilities / assets / IP
– designing and implementing transformational business systems
– building culture as an asset
– re-energising business leaders and their businesses
– an in demand international speaker

Embrace uncertainty

Preparing for 2020 is a critical task for training and coaching providers. We are living in uncertain economic times, where there is the opportunity for training businesses to flourish.

Rather than fear the outcome of Brexit (whatever it may be), the Become a Master Trainer masterclass is a must for any organisation working within the training or coaching arena.

Further Information

If you are interested in becoming involved with the academy, as a provider, or potential trainee, please contact Tracy Gravesande, our Head of Training Academy at

Please see here for slides from the ‘Becoming a Master Trainer’ webinar.

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