An e-learning solution for developing and assessing competence for safe drug calculations

Medication error remains an unfortunate feature of 21st century healthcare that all too frequently results in needless patient harm. safeMedicate is a unique e-learning solution that addresses this problem by supporting the development and assessment of competence for safe medication practice. With almost 250,000 users worldwide, safeMedicate is the market leading resource for healthcare students and practitioners.

CPD activities

  • safemedicate | Essential Skills
  • safemedicate | Advanced Skills | Pediatric Bodyweight-Based Calculations
  • safemedicate | Advanced Skills | Injectable Medicine Therapies
  • FNS Advanced Skills - Bodyweight and Body Surface Area Calculations
  • FNS Essential Skills
  • FNS Advanced Skills - Injectable Medicines Therapy
  • FNS Advanced Skills - Fundamental Prescribing and Practical Dosing Calculations

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