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CPD Accreditation In 3 Simple Steps…

Step 1

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Make sure you attend your CPD eligibility call

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Step 3

Take the assessment & become A verified CPD provider

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Do you provide high quality learning activities such as courses, coaching, speaking, events or conferences?

If so, then we’d like to invite you to become a verified CPD provider so you can deliver your training or learning experience at scale to a much wider audience.

CPD, which stands for continuing professional development, has been around for a long time and is undertaken by thousands of professionals from all different sorts of industries on a daily basis, to help them keep up to date with their knowledge and skills.

All that’s required is an independent assessor to go through your learning experience to check that it meets the criteria. If it does, you can get a CPD approved certificate which will allow you to go out and provide these professionals with CPD points.

Our members are able to offer their newly accredited activities to markets in the UK, Ireland, Europe, USA, Australia, South Africa, New Zealand and The Middle East.

The assessment process takes around 6 weeks and there’s no PASS or FAIL philosophy. Instead, we’ll work with you to bring your activity up to the standards that are required in the industry.

At the end of the assessment process we GUARANTEE that you will be a recognised supplier of CPD accredited training at the HIGHEST level.

  • Sell your training to a much wider audience
  • Add INSTANT, professional credibility
  • Be seen as the BEST in your market
  • Beat your competitors
  • Gain a HUGE market share
  • Attract a higher standard of signups
  • Give your attendees MORE confidence
  • Develop profitable opportunities
  • Validate your professionalism
  • Enhance your presence and reputation

The CPD Standards Office provides credibility in a way that no other accreditation and qualification services can, because ours is evidence-based.

We have done all the research, we know the field of CPD inside out and we are working with our community of providers to improve it on an on-going basis.

PLUS, we are continuing our research into how to improve CPD on a national scale.

This includes considering what the current weaknesses are, what could be done differently, and most importantly: what organisations actually WANT. We share all our expertise on CPD, client needs, and industry requirements with our accredited members, and this expertise is continuing to grow.

The demand very much exists for accredited CPD trainers and we can help you access it. To get started, simply click the button below and book an appointment with one of our CPD specialists to see if you’re eligible.

We’re looking for high quality training or learning activities in the following industries or sectors:










Social Work



CPDSO Member Testimonials

“Having our courses independently evaluated and quality assured, has given our clients that extra confidence in knowing that what they are paying for is a quality service.”

Anita Devi

Team ADL

“I was looking for a professional organisation to support my coaching offerings. There’s a lot to choose from in a crowded market, but I ended up selecting the CPD Standards Office because they really care about their customers, their products and their services.”


Simon Rickman

Development Coach

“CPD (Standards Office) has not only enhanced my presence and reputation as a speaker, but it’s also developed new opportunities that enable me to engage with audiences at a broader range of events.”

Dale Howarth

Accredited CPD Speaker

Join a prestigious, global community of experienced trainers, coaches & educators

When you become accredited by the CPD Standards Office, you get more than just a mark of accreditation with the CPD logo.

You also become part of our CPD Standards Community, along with over 1,000 other accredited providers. This community is growing stronger every day, with its huge range of connections to membership organisations, employers and universities.

Regular, Ongoing Support

Dedicated Account Manager

Free Digital Resources

Monthly Networking Events

Our community is also supported by the on-going work of the CPD Research Project. This means that just as your clients and delegates can be sure that your training, learning or coaching activities are independently assessed to the highest standard, you too can be sure that other members of the CPD Standards Community have also been assessed the exact same way. This gives you peace of mind as you exchange best practice and network with other providers, professional bodies, universities and authorities.

“The bottom line is this. Becoming accredited with The CPD Standards Office is a really great way to get more business.”

What is independent CPD accreditation?

The CPD Standards Office works with a variety of learning providers, speakers, coaches, employers and knowledge organisations to recognise face-to-face training courses and events, online learning, and one to one coaching.

By providing independent accreditation, our mission is to improve the quality of continuing professional development (CPD) to ensure positive and successful experiences and to make it more affordable and easier to access.

The Trustmark for Quality Training

The CPD Standards office provides CPD accreditation services for a wide range of high quality learning activities such as:

Training Courses

If you offer a training course that is face-to-face and has a set topic or syllabus, we invite you to consider having it CPD accredited.

Digital Learning

Many professionals now prefer to do their CPD hours at home, online, rather than travel – and take time off work – for live courses.


CPD accreditation for your coaching programme provides you with instant trust and credibility and allows you to enter new markets.

Events & Conferences

If you hold events and conferences, gaining independent CPD accreditation offers you a fantastic opportunity to attract more delegates.

Public Speakers

If you’re a specialist speaker there’s an opportunity to win more engagements through becoming verified CPD accredited provider.


The benefits that continuing professional development offers for employers is something that any business should not disregard. 

Here’s how you can INSTANTLY increase your credibility whilst selling to a much wider audience

Simply click the button below to find out how becoming a CPD provider can instantly increase your credibility and allow you to reach a much wider audience across the globe, in as little as 14 days from now:

Benefits of becoming CPD accredited with The CPD Standards Office:

Get ahead of your competitors and gain a HUGE market share

Becoming CPD accredited helps you to stand out in an already overcrowded marketplace and turns your learning experience into an authority

Demonstrate to customers you are adopting the latest technologies

A pioneer in the field of independent accreditation, the CPD Standards Office has partnered with Gradbase to utilise Blockchain technology.

Stay ‘in the loop’ with relevant market updates and meaningful insights

CPDSO is also home to the CPD research project, so you’ll receive cutting edge insights, recent CPD trends and news on a weekly basis.

Build your brands reputation and be known as a premier provider

Having the mark of accreditation from The CPD Standards Office means you’ll be known as a premier provider of high quality CPD training materials.

Attract more professionals and organisations that need CPD training

Get your foot in the door with some of the best known corporations and companies who need CPD accredited courses and training programs

Join a network of successful providers committed to being the best

Attend online and offline events with our constantly growing CPD community to network and share knowledge with each other.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How much does getting CPD accredited cost with you?

Our cost effective CPD accreditation can provide your business with a certification to deliver CPD points through your accredited training activities. Our accreditation fees start from £995+VAT for one training or learning activity.

How long does my CPD accreditation last for?

Your membership with The CPD Standards Office is for a minimum of two years. After the first two years, you are then contracted on a 1 year rolling basis. You only pay the accreditation costs for the first year. Members also get a discount of 15% on their second year as part of our loyalty scheme. You are also locked into the price you pay when you first sign up and will see no price increase EVER.

How long does the CPD accreditation process take?

There are two options for our assessment process: SWIFT – you can have your full CPD Badge and documents within 14 days of full application submission. ROUTINE – From the day of full submission, it generally takes up to 30 working days for you to receive your accreditation which includes your CPD trustmark as a digital badge, PNG & JPEG and documents.

Do you offer payment plans for those that need one?

There are a variety of payment plans available for businesses that need one. The fees are determined during your eligibility call with one of our advisers, who will discuss the best CPD subscription to suit your needs.