Here is a snapshot of all the professional bodies and organisations who have supported and participated in CPD Standards Research over the past decade:


Welcome to the BIG CPD STANDARDS RESEARCH 2022, delivered by the CPD Standards Research Project,

globally supported by Universities, Institutes and Government.

Your Personal Invitation

This survey explores your experiences and views as a provider of CPD accredited learning, and as a business leader or owner.

Here at the CPD Standards Office, we have personally invited a cohort of current providers to participate. This is a unique opportunity to contribute to the largest academic study ever undertaken in the field of CPD provision.

True CPD Experts

Founded in 2010, the CPD Standards Research Project has spent over a decade researching and understanding the role of Continuing Professional Development (CPD) on a pan-industry, multi-disciplinary basis, within the current UK business environment.  

We would like to invite you to participate in the research study by completing an online survey. Your participation will take approx 15 minutes and simply requires you to reflect on your experiences of providing CPD & professional learning.  

The study of providing CPD is an area where surprisingly little academic research has been conducted previously, so we will find your contribution and views invaluable.

Please be aware that participation is COMPLETELY CONFIDENTIAL and entirely VOLUNTARY: You can also complete the survey ANONYMOUSLY if you would prefer. All data collected from the survey will be utilised internally at CPD Standards for the purpose of our ongoing academic research into the field of CPD and improving our services. No data or information will be shared with third parties.

A Prize Draw!

There is also an opportunity to be entered into a prize draw to win a 5* Champagne Afternoon Tea delivered to you at home, for which we will require your contact name and email address. The winner will be drawn at random in early September 2022, and informed by email.

The survey is open until 31st August 2022. Following completion of the project, we will be writing a guide for participating organisations which will be freely available in 2023.