Public Speakers

If you’re a professional speaker there’s an opportunity to win more engagements through becoming CPD Accredited.

Independent CPD Accreditation enables your audience to include their time with you as part of their CPD hours. For the millions of professionals who are required (often by law) to complete a certain number of CPD hours each year, this gives them an additional incentive to attend your speaking engagements.

With over 1,400 professional bodies requiring CPD, it also allows you to expand into new markets.

Once accredited, you are more likely to win in-house speaking engagements with companies that require CPD for their employees.

CPD Accreditation for Speakers

Our accreditation for speakers considers not only their knowledge of the subject matter but also their experience and expertise in speaking in front of large and small groups.

This accreditation is different to our individual Coach of Excellence accreditation, as it is purely focused on speakers delivering seminars and presentations to groups of people. Each individual subject matter area is subject to a separate accreditation process.

Once accredited, you will receive an accredited provider logo, access to exclusive CPDSO member benefits, and access to a digital certificate service using Blockchain technology at a discounted rate.

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