Events & Conferences

Attract more delegates to your events and conferences

If you host regular events and conferences, gaining independent CPD accreditation offers you a great opportunity to attract more delegates.

Millions of professionals in the UK are required to achieve a certain number of hours for their formal continuing professional development (CPD) requirements each year.

By letting your prospects know they can add the time spent attending your event towards their CPD hours, you can significantly increase the number of delegates.

Your accreditation will include a full assessment of your event portfolio, and once accredited you can demonstrate to your customers that you are adopting new technologies with our (optional) digital certificate service using Blockchain technology.

Can I get my event accredited?

The accreditation of events is focused on large or small groups of individuals, learning from and with one another on a face-to-face basis. 

The CPD Standards Office assesses ‘events’ differently from ‘training courses’ and has two different accreditation categories for each. Training courses are typically F2F groups delivered in a classroom format with a teacher-student methodology. 

Events are similar - in that they are F2F gatherings - however, this category accredits a wide range of events in different formats that are not in a classroom environment. These include:


are F2F events that run across a day, or more, and invite a large number of delegates. A conference could have 50 or 5,000 people in attendance and is often structured with keynote speeches, seminars and presentation sessions. Many conferences have several ‘tracks’ where delegates have a range of sessions to choose from throughout the day.


presentations on a subject by an academic expert/established speaker, typically hosted at universities or educational establishments, whereby participants have the opportunity to ask questions at the end of the presentation. Lectures often cover theoretical material, scientific data and findings from academic research studies.


are a group of individuals that come together to learn from one or more speakers. These sessions tend to be more practical and skill-based topics, where the learning objectives are clear from the outset, and questions are encouraged during or at the end of each presentation.


large discussion groups, often with presentations from several speakers, focused on exploring a particular topic or theme.

Other events that could gain accreditation include:

  • Roadshows
  • Discussion groups
  • Networking events
  • Thought leadership events

Please note - we don’t consider this to be an exhaustive events list and would love to hear what other events you might be organising and looking to get CPD accredited.

Benefits of CPD Standards Event Accreditation

Having accredited a wide range of conferences and events over the past decade, we have seen a range of benefits for CPD accredited events including:

Better Marketing - A stronger marketing positioning

Higher Attendance - delegates tend to stay longer throughout the event to receive their CPD hours

Higher Bookings - delegates/employers often invite more people to attend the event resulting in group bookings

Increased Fees - in some cases you can charge more for your accredited event

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