Our Expert Advisory Board

The criteria, methodology and processes used daily by the CPD Standards
Office is overseen by an independent panel of experts, drawn from academics, employers and professional bodies.

Why Do We Have An Advisory Board?

The Expert Advisory Board provides the CPD Standards Office with a rich and diverse range of expertise. It reviews our activities, processes and criteria, thereby ensuring that our accreditation is authoritative.

  • Keep our thinking and processes up to date
  • Ensure our criteria and methodology align with industry and CPD requirements
  • Give diverse expertise on CPD accreditation and other related areas
  • Ensure full transparency of our activities.

The Expert Advisory Board’s role and key advisory areas:

  • Advise on the CPD Standards Office marks and accreditation methodologies
  • Provide advice on challenging accreditation issues, or queries from the Office’s registered providers – e.g. ‘How do we accredit this type of offering?’
  • Arrange for an independent audit should credible doubts or questions be raised around the CPD Standards Office accreditation processes
  • Advice on other aspects of the Professional Development Consortium’s work – in particular our CPD research.