Our Ambassador Community

Welcome to the CPD Standards Office Ambassador Community.

With a wide variety of professional individuals and premium organisations, the CPD Standards community is home to a range of training, learning and coaching providers.

By becoming a CPD Ambassador, you will begin a recommendation and affiliate relationship with the Office, where we will work together finding opportunities to expand the CPD Standards community.

1 – Win-Win Relationship

The relationship between the CPD Ambassador and the CPD Standards Office has been developed to ensure a win-win benefits for both organisations.

It is well established that word of mouth referrals and recommendations have a powerful influence on buying decisions. Many training or learning providers, individual coaches and speakers, have joined the Office as a result of positive conversations, testimonials and direct recommendations.

On this basis, the CPD Standards Office is benefiting by growing its CPD community organically,

By positively representing and recommending the CPD Standards Office to others, a CPD Standards Ambassador receives a “financial thank you” for any professional individuals or organisations who become newly registered members of the Office.

2 – Fees & Recognition

It is free of charge to become a CPD Standards Ambassador.

3 – Process

To become a CPD Standards Ambassador, you need to:

1 – Be a CPD accredited member.

2 – Complete the CPD Standards Ambassador registration form and agree to our terms and conditions (the form will be shared with you via email).

3 – Once registered, you will receive copies of our sales and marketing information and details for having ‘positive CPD Standards’ conversations. You will also be given a key contact at the Office.

4 – Inform us of each recommendation and send a completed registration form directly to your key contact for the registration to become valid under the Ambassador Scheme.

Please fill the form below to begin the process.