How the Process Works

The CPD Standards Office (CPDSO) is a world leading and internationally recognised organisation that collaborates with a wide range of trainers, learning providers, speakers, coaches and knowledge organisations. Our mission is to improve the quality of continuous professional development (CPD) to ensure positive and effective learning experiences that empowers learners to make an inspired choice in their professional development and be less challenging for them to access.

We recognise that learning, whether it be in-person training courses and events, online learning, and one-on-one coaching is a reputable resource and one that is trusted. So if you provide training courses, online workshops, events/conferences, speaking opportunities, or coaching sessions, the CPD Standards Office invites you to become an accredited provider and join our CPD community.


CPD Accreditation is sector agnostic and is the primary step in providing training, seminars, workshops, coaching and conferences. Without certification from CPD courses, professionals’ certificates and credits may not be recognised towards their annual CPD obligations.


Starting Your Accreditation Journey

Book a free consultation call with a CPD advisor to discuss in detail the assessment criteria and talk through the various accreditation options available.

Having decided which accreditation option best suits your organisation and training offering, the CPDSO advisor can then guide you through the application and registration process.


Submitting Your Training Portfolio and Materials

Training activities are submitted directly to the Assessments Team and the six-week assessment process will commence upon receiving your completed submission and materials.

A CPDSO Assessor will review and evaluate the educational value of your content, whether it be a course, conference or webinar. We are committed to working closely with each provider collaboratively to ensure that

you meet the criteria and standards set.

Should you require help or guidance at any time, our assessment team is available to assist you throughout. Here's the best bit about the assessment process...

Whilst we review your submitted material, you will be given the usage of a CPD digital community badge allowing you to engage with audiences and to help ramp up your enrollment levels. Demonstrating to your learners that you are undergoing a third-party assessment with CPDSO for your training portfolio and activities.


Receiving Your CPD Approved Status

You are now a CPD-approved and certified trainer, eligible for a ‘CPD Certified’ certificate of achievement and an authenticating trustmark which shows learners and professionals that your training activity is compliant with industry standards, knowledge, regulations, and guidelines.

Your certified trustmark is unique to your organisation displaying your very own membership number for authentication purposes and to legitimise your CPD badge. It can be used on the accredited training activities materials, websites, social media and other official CPD documents. In addition, a description of your company and accredited activities are listed in the CPD Directory on our website where information is given about your learning portfolio in detail.

What is Continuing Professional Development?

CPD is an acronym for Continuing Professional Development and involves professionals and individuals seeking methods to develop new and current skills and knowledge with the acquisition of education necessary to perform excellently within specific areas. Continuing Professional Development adopts a multi-dimensional approach to long-haul career development.

CPD is used to describe the never-ending learning process, programmes or activities professionals, businesses or even organisations engage in to continually develop these skills. This ensures worldwide market standards are met, an advantage in a competitive marketplace.

CPD, depending on the country or region involved, can be known by different terms. It can also possess different guidelines and procedures as to accreditation and certification. It is therefore necessary to note that these terms may be used interchangeably but they are generally concerned with a structured approach to all-time lifelong learning. CPD is extremely flexible and combines numerous approaches to learning. Different procedures such as training courses, online workshops, best practices and idea sharing, conferences, events, seminars and private research are employed to promote suitability to clients. The main purpose for this service is to help individuals and professional bodies upgrade their practices.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

How long will the membership be valid for?

Your membership commitment with The CPD Standards Office is for a minimum of two years. After the first two years, you are then contracted on a one year rolling basis.

When is payment required?

You will pay your first year's membership fee upon application. The second year will be billed at renewal (13.5 months later) and annually after that. Members receive a discount of 15% on their second year as part of our loyalty scheme.

Are there any payment plan arrangements available?

We are flexible in our approach to accreditation costs, for further information on the payment plans available please contact our CPD advisors.

What happens if we don't meet your criteria?

Our "no pass or fail" concept implies that we will collaborate with you and provide you with the help and direction you require throughout the accreditation process.

How long will it take to get accredited?

Routine - It can take up to 45 days (6 weeks) from the day of full submission to obtain your accreditation.

Swift/Fast Track - For an additional fee, you can select the fast

track option, which will prioritise the application and offer approved status within 14 days. Full submission is still required with this option. For further information on the fast track assessment, contact your Advisor.

How much does it cost to be approved for a CPD Accredited status?

Our accreditation prices vary depending on the type of certification you select and the number of activities (courses) you are looking to accredit.