How To Get CPD Accreditation

The CPD Standards offer affordable CPD accreditation and CPD coaching accreditation. We also organize lectures, seminars, and workshops on how to get your training CPD accredited. Online lessons and conferences on how to get accreditation are also available.

Before we continue, let’s give a rundown on what CPD is and how to get accredited.

In this article

  • What is Continuing Professional Development?
  • What makes Continuing Professional Development different from conventional learning?
  • Why is Continuing Professional Development important?
  • What are the forms Continuing Professional Development can take?
  • How to get accredited
    • First stage – how to get CPD course accreditation
    • Next Stage – how to get training CPD accredited
    • Final Stage – what happens after your training course is accredited?
  • Benefits of getting training courses accredited
  • Conclusion

What is Continuing Professional Development?

CPD is an acronym for Continuing Professional Development and involves professionals and individuals seeking methods to develop new and current skills and knowledge with the acquisition of education necessary to perform excellently within specific areas. Continuing Professional Development adopts a multi-dimensional approach to long-haul career development.

CPD is used to describe the never-ending learning process, programmes or activities professionals, businesses or even organisations engage in to continually develop these skills. This ensures worldwide market standards are met, an advantage in a competitive marketplace.

CPD, depending on the country or region involved, can be known by different terms. It can also possess different guidelines and procedures as to accreditation and certification. It is therefore necessary to note that these terms may be used interchangeably but they are generally concerned with a structured approach to all-time lifelong learning.

CPD is extremely flexible and combines numerous approaches to learning. Different procedures such as training workshops, e-learning programmes, best practices and idea sharing, conferences, events, seminars and private research are employed to promote suitability to clients. The main purpose for this service is to help individuals and professional bodies upgrade their practices.

What makes CPD different from conventional learning?

Continuing Professional Development is different from conventional learning in its approach to long-term professional development. It is a continual process of ongoing enhancements and improvements which are done as it appeals to the trainee at their own pace with a flexible approach. However, CPD still encompasses a wide variety of academic and professional activities.

Why is CPD important?

Nowadays, CPD has become an important factor in determining who gets hired in the professional field. Employers do not only focus on academic qualifications nowadays; they also make these decisions based on the level of professionalism applicants exhibit and advancements made in career paths.

  • Engaging in ongoing improvement provides individuals with the skills necessary to stand out from the crowd. It makes individuals more experienced, dutiful and capable of handling various tasks to their client’s satisfaction and to meet and excel company standards and can make individuals masters of their field. CPD can take different forms – the one you choose depends on your discretion – all aimed at long-term professional development.

What are the forms CPD can take?

CPD encompasses a wide range of activities aimed at improving professionalism

  • Workshops, Seminars and Conferences
  • Private study and research
  • Lectures
  • Practical work experience
  • E-learning and online training programmes

What are the benefits of Continuing Professional Development?

Dedication to continual professional development helps individuals to offer unique services in their workspace. It distinguishes such professionals from colleagues and competitors. Enhancing work skills through CPD prepares individuals for career change and makes them eligible for promotion because of extraordinary expertise.

Individuals who engage in CPD also perform better at tasks, improving performance and productivity. They are more likely to be recommended for complex tasks because of their broad knowledge.

Organisations that support CPD benefit from a well rounded and well trained workforce.

Now, we’ve given detail on why CPD is important.

How to get accredited

As earlier stated, CPD Standards offers widely accessible CPD accreditation services which are affordable. The CPD accreditation process is recognised internationally by authorities in the US and UK.

Getting accreditation for CPD courses is a primary step to offering training, seminars, workshops and conferences. Without CPD course accreditation, certificates earned by professionals may not be recognised internationally.

First stage – how to get CPD course accreditation

Consultations are made as to which training courses are suitable for Continuing Professional Development. This decision is made with informed research based on the career spread of the target population. CPD consultants and trainers deliberate on the structure of the training programme.
They decide on how it will be delivered, who will be expected to attend and what the key objectives of the training programme are.

The course accreditation process is practical in nature. It has been developed continuously in recent years and is focused on providing world-class standards of structured CPD learning for delegates and attendees. Once these requirements are fulfilled, the next stage is how to get training CPD accredited.

Next Stage – how to get training CPD accredited

Having obtained accreditation as a CPD provider, training courses are submitted directly to the Assessment Team who starts the accreditation process. Training course materials are required for review – slides, notes, and handouts.

The CPD Assessments Team then evaluates the learning materials, reviews the structure, and provides advice to help in development of CPD training courses. Other elements of learning such as educational content, structure and learning objectives are defined too.

CPD courses are rated against standards assessment criteria to ensure that they meet requirements for accreditation as a course. Training courses should meet these necessary benchmarks for approval. If they don’t, the CPD Assessments team provides details based on course assessment.

The course accreditation process normally takes 6 weeks but may take longer depending on the size and duration of the training course.

When this is over, you are now a certified CPD trainer.

Final Stage – what happens after your training course is accredited?

Now you are a certified CPD trainer and your training course has been accredited. You are now eligible for a ‘CPD Certified’ certificate of achievement and authenticating symbol which shows that your training course is compliant with industry standards, knowledge, regulations and guidelines.

This Certificate can be used on accredited training course material, and other official CPD documents as well as the ‘CPD Certified’ symbol.

Furthermore, a description of the accredited course is listed in the CPD Courses Catalogue where information is given about the course in detail, subject to whether the course is available for the general public. This accredited course will be added to the specific Continuing Professional Development Member Directory profile too.

Benefits of getting training courses accredited

Gaining accreditation for training courses provides an endorsement for your business or organisation with the resulting effect of greater profile recognition, improved quality of training and services. It also comes with access to experienced CPD experts who provide expert advice and solutions. CPD experts also help to continuously improve the educational offering and supervise the quality of service rendered. Accredited CPD partners provide quality educational support and enhance the level of training you offer.

Now you’ve learnt this, what next?

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