How the Process Works

Becoming accredited – our three-stage process:

At the CPD Standards Office, we aim to get you accredited as quickly and easily as possible.

As a prestigious global community, the CPD Standards Office has worked with hundreds of training providers, educational organisations and employers. We understand how busy you are and have carefully honed our process to ensure minimal disruption to your business while giving you maximum value.

We take a three-stage approach to the CPD Accreditation Process

  1. Registration
  2. Assessment
  3. Accreditation

Registration: Once registering your formal commitment to working with us, our experienced team will take time to understand what you offer and how best to move forward.

Assessment: We will look at your delegates’ learning experience – from when they first hear of you right through to when they have completed training and you are following up.

Accreditation: Once the assessment is complete we can then award accreditation. The whole process should be completed within 6 weeks – this is why your first year with us includes this time free of charge and so your first year’s subscription covers 13.5 months.

To get started, or simply find out more, call: 0203 745 6463