Our Sustainability Charter

At the CPD Standards Office we are committed to doing our bit to become more sustainable. Not only by supporting the environment but also by contributing to social initiatives that are important to us. 

In an effort to develop as a more environmentally conscious organisation the CPD Standards Office has made the below commitments: 

  • We will be going paperless, all assessment and accreditation documents will be processed online
  • We have downsized our office so more of the team can work remotely and avoid travel to and from work everyday. 
  • We sponsor an Elephant with the WWF, our company mascot! 
  • Finally we have registered with Earthly to off-set our team’s carbon footprint. 

Earthly focuses on protecting the existing natural spaces left on the planet, as well as beginning to plant new ones. Some of the oldest and most established ecosystems are those that contribute the most to reducing pollution and as such are critical to fighting the climate crisis.

As part of our partnership with Earthly we are planting 50 trees for each new member that registers with the CPD Standards Office each month towards our sustainability credentials.

As part of our initiative to become more socially conscious the CPD Standards Office is focusing, unsurprisingly, on learning. We believe that education is the greatest tool to give everyone the best opportunities. We have started our journey here by donating to various local and international charities that support young people with better learning opportunities and we hope to develop our own initiative in the future to make high quality learning more accessible.