Face-to-Face Training Courses

Get your training course CPD accredited

If you offer a training course that is delivered face-to-face and has a set topic or syllabus, we invite you to consider having it CPD Accredited.

By running a course that has been CPD accredited by us, you will not only attract more delegates, but also be able to expand into new markets.

Beyond the business growth opportunities, you will be part of our network of successful providers – committed to being in the best in their field.

You will be part of a team that shares best practice, ensuring that we are all improving, together.

You will demonstrate to your customers that you are adopting new technologies with our (optional) digital certificate service using Blockchain technology.

You will also have access to our research – giving you key insights on what delegates from specific industries really want from their trainer.

Many of our clients have reported gaining a significant competitive advantage from CPD accreditation.

We would love to hear about your courses and see how accreditation might help your business.

Call us on: 0203 745 6463

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