Efficient Language Coaching Global SLU was founded in 2008 by Rachel Marie Paling with the idea of creating a team of like-minded “neurolanguage coaches” with different professional backgrounds, teaching qualifications or experience as well as coaching qualifications and knowledge of neuroscience with the object of transferring language knowledge, know-how and experience to clients in various sectors and fields of competence to offer an advanced, efficient and targeted learning of language.

ELC trains teachers worldwide in a unique language programme which combines neuroscience and coaching and is one of the only course worldwide which carries the accreditation of the International Coach Federation.

CPD activities

  • ELC LANGUAGE COACHING CERTIFICATION (Ref. 501491) – combining neuroscience and coaching in the language learning process for language teachers of any language.
  • ELC NEUROLANGUAGE COMMUNICATION (Ref. 501492) - combining neuroscience and coaching in the learning process for teachers of any discipline.

Who should attend?

  • ELC LANGUAGE COACHING CERTIFICATION (Ref. 501491): This course is designed for language teachers and trainers, coaches with language teaching experience/qualification and professionals with a language teaching qualification.
  • ELC NEUROLANGUAGE COMMUNICATION (Ref. 501492): This course is designed for teachers, trainers and educators of any discipline (including HR managers, Business Owners, Entrepreneurs).

Further Information: