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Independent CPD Accreditation - What is it?

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CPD Accreditation

With over 900 accredited providers across 40 countries, join the CPD Standards community and become accredited.

"We sought out CPD Standards accreditation to add value to prospects and employers, as CPD is a hot topic, and we feel it should be inbuilt into the fundamentals of all companies in any sector of industry.”

Claire Lister, Managing Director of Pitman Training Group

Accredited Providers

If you’re looking for a CPD Accredited training provider, take a moment to search the CPD Standards Office’s premium community of trainers.

IAB members

Together with the IAB we are working to provide fully accredited CPD. Please click here to read more about the partnership.


  • "We found working with the CPD Standards Office a constructive and enjoyable experience. They have a knowledge of the home and international market and were responsive to our requirements."

    Steve Shellabear, Managing Director
    dancing lion training and consultancy ltd