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The CPD Standards Office is the official accreditation partner for the Institute of CPD (iCPD)

Official Accreditation Partner

The Institute was established in 1995 as the first membership organisation for individuals to join and openly commit to CPD.

It welcomes young people, professionals and individuals from all backgrounds and sectors, who are ambitious, committed to professional development and practice proactive learning as an integral part of their work and career.

Members benefit from prestigious letters after their name, digital badges to publicly signpost their commitment to CPD, as well as suggestions for professional development and a place to record their CPD.

CPDSO and iCPD Partnership Logo

An Exclusive Collaboration

The CPD Standards Office exclusively partners with iCPD to offer accredited CPD training, coaching and online education to the Institute’s members.

Organisations that are accredited by CPD Standards can become iCPD Learning Partners and offer free membership (of the 1st year) to their learners.

Research has found that individuals who undertake regular CPD experience a greater level of work engagement, increased chances of promotion, and are more successful in their careers.

By having a workforce that is committed to, and passionate about continuous improvement, benefits all of society.

Did you know?

Everyone undertakes some CPD everyday, often without realising it.

The core commitment of being a member of the Institute of CPD is to pledge time to continually undertaking CPD and focused learning.

There are numerous types of learning and educational activities that can count towards CPD hours, and can be logged in a CPD record.

The Institute recognises a varied and broad range of learning activities as formal CPD, and there are five core categories that cover different approaches to learning:

Work Based Learning

Self Directed Learning
Formal Educational Learning
Professional Activities
Informal Learning

Find out more at www.cpdinstitute.org

CPDSO and iCPD Partnership Logo