February 2016

Hi all,

Hope you all had a fab January! We are starting February off with some news for you.

The CPD Standards started the off with a busy start. We had lots of new members joining, and lots of assessments.  Firstly, if you have any questions about your membership then please don’t hesitate to contact us on 0203 745 6463

This week we wanted to update you on what is happening inside and outside of the CPD Standards Office.

The focus has been on Micro-learning – the new digital learning trend

Micro-learning is the newest and growing trend for the training and learning community. Developing a business strategy which includes ‘micro-learning’ concepts could really benefit your clients.

Micro-learning is defined as very short, bite-size learning opportunities, often accessed online and by mobile.  Hence the learning is generally digital and following technological trends.

It’s often argued that our attention spans are becoming shorter, especially the millennial age bracket, who are used to receiving huge amounts of information on a daily basis.

In partnership with Memberwise – we’ve written a blog on Micro-learning and how short online courses need to be planned with high standards to achieve the same learning outcomes. Please click here to comment on the blog, and tell us how you are engaging with this new trend.

Provider Spotlights

This week we would like to put the spotlight on our members who have made great strides to become CPD accredited:

First up is Creative Edge who deserve a big pat on the back for becoming accredited as a CPD Standards CPD Centre. They offer 150 courses ranging from instructor, and classroom led, to virtual online courses. Although the assessors took some time to ensure each course met the required standards, Creative Edge are now a fully fledged CPD Standards Centre, and can promote that they are a leader in providing CPD accredited 90-minute bite-size learning modules.

Becoming a CPD Centre is a new service offered by the CPD Standards Office.  Open to any of our growing membership, who offer a blend of face to face, online and coaching activities, achieving CPD Centre status is relatively straightforward.  Once accredited, your entire portfolio is accredited and you will be globally recognised as a provider of excellent learning and training activities.

Second in the ranks is Dr. Hamad Rashid, Principal Consultant at HSJ Technical who needed his company’s accreditation documents turned around quickly to gain access to a new market. Diane, Head of Membership and CPD Assessment was able to assess HSJ Technical’s courses promptly, and worked closely with Dr Rashid to ensure the assessment was straightforward and precisely matched the CPD Standards accreditation criteria.

HSJ Technical made use of our “Swift Submission” service, where for an additional fee, members can have an assessment turned around within 1 week. The key advantage of Swift Submission, is that members begin marketing their CPD accreditation straight away.

Third in the ranks is MPirical who became accredited as a CPD Centre with a wide range of online activities going through the assessment process.  During the assessment, MPirical gave us some helpful business advice on Mozilla Open Badges which can help share, upload CPD documents and records more efficiently. We are currently looking into this opportunity, and would love to hear from any members who are also exploring the use of digital badges.

Round up

That is for now! If you have any questions about your membership and accreditation please do not hesitate to contact the Office.

If you have any questions about your membership then please don’t hesitate to contact us on 0203 745 6463