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2017 social media trends to promote your CPD Accreditation

From personalization of services to google analytics to 360 degree live videos, the world of social media is offering increasingly more options to promote a brand and a CPD accreditation in 2017.

An interesting social trend in 2016 was consumers were looking some zen space amid the social noise and there was a rise in users turning to YouTube videos intended for white noise and relaxation (Social Times, 2016). That means, consumers are looking for an online space that will help with their busy lives. Given this trend, some accredited providers may prefer to give fewer but higher quality experiences so customers do not feel inundated with advertising or emails.

Target Internet, CPD Accredited provider (no. 50080) deliver digital marketing training to large and small corporations. They are experts in digital marketing and have shared their top social media and digital marketing tips for the CPDSO community in 2017.

  1. Content is king!

Pinterest infographics, Facebook live videos, Instagram storytelling are all ways brands can engage with their consumers. But which options do you choose and what should you say about your accredited CPD training company?

Target Internet recommend these two websites which can help you generate interesting content that works for your business.

  • – Find out what your audience is searching for by using this ingenious online tool. Just head to the homepage: and type into the search box a keyword that represents your business. ‘Click the Questions’ button and the tool takes you to a cool infographic page which has fished out all the search engine phrases the public have asked about the specific topic area.
  • Brandwatch – You can keep your market research costs low by looking at the trends on Brandwatch. By simply searching for topic that relates to your business, you can access data, word clouds, graphs, brand indexes and more. Brandwatch can help you invent some interesting ideas such as writing a blog on trending topics in CPD which will gain interest from your customers.
  1. LinkedIn Adverts

In 2016, LinkedIn continued to develop its Marketing Solutions platform, to make it easier for marketers to measure and improve their Sponsored Content and Text Ads campaigns through its ‘native conversion tracking tool’.

That means, if you set up a LinkedIn advert campaign you can easily measure how many leads, sign-ups, content downloads, purchases, and other specific results you’re getting from your Sponsored Content and Text Ads campaigns.

CPD Accredited providers should use LinkedIn adverts so they can be more specific about who to develop targeted content. By using a LinkedIn campaign advance search function, you can choose to target your audience by title, geography and organisation size.

The advantage of using Linked in adverts (as opposed to Google AdWords) is that you can get more value for every click you pay for as the audience is more likely to engage with your business. It would be much easier to target a learning development manager on Linked In to engage with an advert about CPD Accreditation than it would be on Google.

Target internet Tip:
LinkedIn is a great platform for getting people’s eyes on your content – but most marketers would agree that the best place to house your star content is still your website. When the reader is on your site you have finer control of the funnel; you can access deeper analytical insights on the lead’s behavior; and your website gets an SEO boost. With this in mind, rather than shifting the focus of your content marketing operation to LinkedIn, we recommend using LinkedIn profiles to post stub content that links through to longer-form content on your organisation’s website. This strategy can help you to accumulate content views on LinkedIn and make the best of your website simultaneously.

  1. Videos – “In 3, 2, 1 and we’re going live!”

Facebook believes in half a decade all of its news feed will be video (Social Times, 2016). That means more and more businesses will be using video to influence their audience to engage with them.

Using video on Facebook has been made increasingly easy and if you have a smartphone, you can post a live video to your company’s page in seconds.

As a CPD accredited provider, using Facebook live is a great promotional tool to use at training events. You can ask your delegates to speak to the camera and say why their CPD has been such a great experience and how it will help them in their career.

Target internet Tip:
Here’s a really easy-to-implement tip that will help you make a positive start with Facebook Live: simply use it to live-stream interesting aspects of your brand’s work that may interest your audience. Do you host seminars? Try streaming one! Are you set to receive an award? Stream the awards ceremony! You could even try holding a free group consultation on Facebook Live, to pique your viewers’ interest in signing up for ongoing services.

  1. Instagram for business- show your brand personality

Instagram is like online window shopping for consumers; its service allows its 500+ million worldwide users to scan photos and double thumb tap if they like what they see on their smart phone.

In mid 2016, Instagram announced its new service Instagram for Business to make it possible for companies to get more customer insights through tracking tools and selling promotions. The company have also introduced a ‘saved’ function for consumers to return to a photo they have liked.

For accredited CPD training providers, Instagram for Business would be a useful selling tool in 2017 as it enables you to show the human side of your business. You can post daily pictures of your training, staff, events, delegate testimonials, funny stories, pets in the office and more to show off your brand personality. Posting pictures on Instagram is a great way to enable potential customers to pre-determine the kind of training experience a business sells.

  1. Route to market? Make it mobile!

Google marks any website down in its search ranks if it is not mobile enabled. If your website is WordPress, then it should be relatively easy to enable your website as mobile friendly.

To ensure that your website looks good on every handheld device, you must physically review the content for its appearance. Ask yourself questions: Are my training courses clearly shown with clear pricing? How easy is it for my customers to see the CPD accreditation and is there an explanation as to what it means?

Target internet Tip:
Have you visited Facebook lately? It’s all videos! One of the key content trends of this and the last year has been the rapid growth of video use on social media – a change which has significantly impacted the ways users browse and marketers advertise. Videos haven’t always seemed the neatest fit for mobile, as users in-transit who don’t have any headphones handy will generally have to make do with watching with the sound off. However, a recent trend towards videos overlaid with subtitles or accompanying copy is changing the situation, making videos seem worth mobile users’ time, even on mute. There’s an opportunity here for freelance trainers to get ahead and make a great impression on their mobile-video-using audiences by crystalising their most compelling teachings into short, snappy, subtitled videos.

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