June 2016

Member broadcast Wednesday 8th June 2016


Summer is now here and the CPD Standards community is growing happier and stronger than ever thanks to a bountiful spring season. Thank you for being part it.

Here is an update from us on CPD events, member news and why we love CPD so much.

CPDSO recommendation of the month

Register for this free event: ‘Learning Technologies Summer Forum’ on June 14th in London.

As members of the CPDSO, it would be beneficial to attend this event as it keeps you up to date with online offering in the learning arena. It is a great opportunity to network with other people in L&D and training.

The event programme includes 30 seminars about new technology, 36 stands of  industry suppliers and the annual Learning and Skills Group Conference which is an opportunity to pick up on conversations that started at the Learning Technologies event in February 2016. This is one event you should not miss.

Register your attendance here

CPDSO Member event

Thank you to everyone who attended our members event at the Royal College of Surgeons in London on 16th May.

The theme of the event was ‘The Changing face of CPD and Skills Development’ and speakers were from the Association of Certified Chartered Accountants (ACCA), Regents University and an expert in public relations. Here is an update on their presentations for those who could not make this event. Our next members event will be in September.

Speaker highlights

Clare Hodgson, Professional Development Manager, ACCA spoke about how a global professional body is communicating CPD to its members; making training relevant, flexible and enhances their employability. ACCA CPD communications include a jobs board, two newsletters per- month and free webinars. The ACCA has also developed academic partnerships to enable members to gain qualifications such as Master’s in Professional Accountancy with the University of London.

Regents University, an accredited CPD Standards provider presented on how CPD courses can improve Master students’ employability prospects. Eric Chan and Azam Ali, Associate Professors presented on their pilot CPD accredited courses: ‘Psychometrics of Group Dynamics & Personality’ and ‘Developing Mental Toughness’. Both courses received great student feedback but Eric and Ali’s advice confirmed CPD courses should not clash with other events in the year such as examination period for students.

Finally, Amanda Ruiz, a PR Expert provided advice on how to get into the media to achieve free exposure for small business owners. Ruiz gave advice on finding a business USPs which she described as ‘golden nuggets’ to get into the press. Download her activity sheet to discover how to do it for yourself here

Membership spotlight

A CPD Standards member, Dale Howarth has recently achieved accredited speaker status and has appeared in his local newspaper ‘The Island Echo’. Read about his achievement here.

CPD Blog- Why doing CPD is good for you too!

We read a great blog by Kate Marlow, Founder of Little Bird Communications who discussed ‘CPD- Why Bother and my top tips for pain free CPD’

Read Marlow’s top tips here

If you have any top tips for pain free CPD, please tweet us @CPDStandards and use our hashtag #CPDSO or email info@cpdstandards.com