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What is the Cost of CPD Accreditation?

Are you looking for cost effective CPD accreditation for your business?  

At the CPD Standards Office, we are a globally recognised supplier of CPD accreditation, working with thousands of businesses across the globe to accredit their training activities to issue CPD points. We provide cost effective CPD accreditation, supporting many businesses to achieve our prestigious CPD badge with a variety of membership accreditation costs to suit individual and business requirements. 

Our globally recognised badge has accredited thousands of courses and events which have been attended in their hundreds and thousands by professionals looking for certified CPD.

Based on the world’s largest research project into CPD, our CPD certification cost comes with the guarantee that you will be a recognised supplier of CPD accredited training at the highest level.

How much does CPD accreditation cost?

The CPD Standards Office provides a variety of accreditation costs to fit a wide range of membership fees to fit your training requirements. This cost effective CPD accreditation can provide your business with a certification to deliver CPD points through your accredited training activities. Our accreditation cost reflects the knowledge and expertise our team has in CPD accreditation. We are the only CPD certification company based on research, therefore we can provide credibility unlike other accreditation services as we are solely evidence-based. 

What are CPD fees to become accredited?

We provide a variety of subscription models to suit your business whether you are a sole trader or a multi million pound business, such as Rolls Royce PLC. 

The accreditation cost will be determined during your initial conversation with one of our accreditation advisors, on this call they will discuss the best cost effective CPD subscription to suit your business needs. Your advisor will ask you a variety of predetermined questions to really get a greater understanding of your business offering and work with you to select the best membership level, once you have established the correct subscription model and accreditation cost, we will support you to complete the application process and the next steps to becoming an accredited CPD provider.

How long does my accreditation last for?

Your accreditation contract with The CPD Standards Office is for a minimum of two years. After the first two years, you are then contracted on a 1 year rolling basis.  

You only pay the accreditation costs for the first year and then will be sent a separate invoice for every year after that. We are flexible in our approach to the accreditation fees, offering either as a 10x monthly direct debit or billed on an annual basis.

How do I get my organisation accredited?

Once you have registered with us and paid your CPD certification cost, you will need to submit your full application and evidence for assessment. Our CPD Assessment Team evaluates all of your learning materials, supporting evidence and reviews the structure of your CPD activity. 

After completion of this assessment, you will be provided with advice to help and support you with the development of your CPD activities to ensure it meets our high assessment criteria. All of this is included in your accreditation cost.

How long will the accreditation process take?

There are two options for our assessment process:

SWIFT – For an additional CPD fee, you can have your full CPD Badge and documents within 14 days of full application submission.  Speak to your Accreditation Advisor during your call if you choose this option.

ROUTINE –  From the day of full submission, it generally takes up to 30 working days for you to receive your accreditation which includes your CPD Badge and documents. This is dependent on the number of activities submitted. There is no additional CPD fee for the routine option.

What are the benefits of getting CPD accredited?

When signing up to become an accredited CPD provider with us, you will receive a wide variety of benefits that are included within your accreditation cost. Becoming part of our prestigious CPD community is more than a mark of accreditation, it opens doors for you to network with other certified CPD providers as well as benefiting from a range of other benefits included in your CPD certification cost. Find out more on the benefits here.

If you would like to find out more about the accreditation cost for your business, please contact our team to discuss in more detail on 0203 745 6463.  Or alternatively, book an appointment with one of our Accreditation Advisors below: