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How CPD is transforming the beauty industry right now

The aesthetics industry has changed immensely over the last decade, with many new products and treatments having become available to clients. The increased demand for innovation has inspired beauticians, cosmetologists, hairdressers, and other professionals in the beauty industry to seek new knowledge and skills.

And while demand for training and qualifications has grown a lot and more courses have become available, it is also increasingly more difficult to know which training is good and which one isn't. There's no single authority or organisation that vets training and can help aspiring beauticians in making their choice.

And, as training courses become more accessible and the demand for qualifications and credentials grows, it has become more challenging to determine which training is worthwhile and which is not.

The concept of CPD has come to the rescue. More and more practitioners within the beauty industry are recognising the need to be seen as professionals and are becoming dedicated to demonstrating that they are continuously enhancing their skills.

CPD Standards Office's accreditation of beauty training is regarded as a real badge of excellence and quality - one that is not dependant on promotion and good marketing, but on the peofessional's genuine commitment to high-quality training.

How can you become CPD-accredited?

3 simple steps

Book a CPD Advisor Appointment

Our CPD Advisors have a wealth of knowledge about CPD in the beauty industry! They will be delighted to help you understand if CPD accreditation is the right choice for you, and if yes - what you need to do to obtain it.

Register with the CPD Standards Office

If you have decided to go ahead with your CPD accreditation, your first step will be to register with the CPD Standards Office and become a member of a global community of professionals dedicated to excellence in training.

Complete your


Complete your assessment submission with the help of our assessors and you will soon receive your accreditation, along with many other benefits, available to those accredited by the CPD Standards Office.

When you get accredited, you will...

  • Sell your training to a much wider audience
  • Add INSTANT, professional credibility
  • Be seen as the BEST in your market
  • Beat your competitors
  • Gain a HUGE market share
  • Attract a higher standard of signups
  • Give your attendees MORE confidence
  • Develop profitable opportunities
  • Validate your professionalism
  • Enhance your presence and reputation

Is CPD mandatory in the Aesthetics & Beauty Industry

The quick answer is, no, it is not - it is the responsibility of each professional to keep their skills up to date. That being said, however, there's an ongoing conversation that hints upcoming regulations and mandatory CPD for aesthetics and beauty professionals.

Professional Bodies, Institutes & Regulators

These professional bodies all require CPD from their members.

Help professionals in the aesthetic and beauty industry by offering CPD accredited training!

Hair and Beauty Industry Authority

HABIA have set the required amount of CPD as 30 hours in any twelve month period for full time staff. Part time staff will need to calculate their required CPD pro-rata based on a 37 hour week. They work closely with qualification awarding bodies, expert groups, educators and industry stakeholders to ensure they are collectively meeting the needs of the industry.

Beauty Guild

Guild Members are required to undertake at least 30 hours of CPD per year.

Guild Members, Professional Development subscribers and subscribers to Guild Gazette magazine can earn free CPD points every issue by reading each issue of the magazine and completing the CPD Module.

British Association of Beauty Therapy and Cosmetology

BABTAC takes ongoing learning seriously as a benchmark of quality – best practice recommends that members complete a minimum of 30 hours CPD per year which equates to 30 points. They advise that evidence and a summary sheet is kept for each CPD activity, and organised into a professional portfolio.

Federation of Holistic Therapists

FHT members must complete a minimum of 10 CPD points per membership year, through developing in all areas of therapies practised. All FHT Associates, Affiliates and Student Members are not required to complete CPD.

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