CPD in the Creative Arts & Design Industry

All about CPD requirements in the Creative Arts & Design Industry

Continuing Professional Development (CPD) is important in the Creative Arts & Design industry to foster ongoing learning, skill development, and innovation.

While CPD requirements can vary depending on specific disciplines,

organizations, and professional associations

CPD accreditation in the Creative Arts & Design Industry has thus become a significant marker of excellence. CPD activities in this industry focus on skill development and expanding expertise in specific creative disciplines. This may include areas such as graphic design, illustration, animation, photography, fashion design, performing arts, writing, or multimedia production.

Professionals can engage in workshops, courses, and training programs offered by recognized institutions, industry experts, or professional associations. These activities provide opportunities to learn new techniques, explore emerging trends, and expand creative skills.


It's important for professionals in the Creative Arts & Design industry to consult the specific guidelines and requirements provided by their chosen professional associations or organizations to ensure compliance with CPD obligations.

The CPD Requirements

From The Professional Bodies, Associations, and Institutes for Practitioners in the Creative Arts & Design Industry

Fine Art Trade Guild (FATG)

The Fine Art Trade Guild introduced Continuing Professional Development for Guild Certified Framers, who are required to keep abreast of skills and knowledge of new materials and techniques throughout their career as picture framers. CPD takes the form of lectures, seminars, workshops, courses (all

verified), and individual study (self-led); members must accrue 30 CPD credits over a four-year period to maintain their certification. Verified credits should make up 75% of CPD points gained, unless there are exceptional circumstances. A Guild event such as the Art and Framing Convention might gain up to 5 CPD credits per seminar.

Chartered Society of Designers

An annual plan and completion of a substantial quota of formal/informal CPD is mandatory for

Chartered Designers. CSD has a CPD structure that allows members to combine different methodologies for learning. Development can be achieved by undertaking structured training workshops, attending conferences and events or completing e-learning modules and programmes.


The Design Council is an independent charity and the Governments advisor on design. The council supports the general undertaking of CPD and offers a variety of CPD events and resources to members and non members.


The Society requests that all its members complete regular CPD. As members, everyone has a

responsibility to themselves, the profession and to clients to keep their skills and knowledge up to date. The SGD will expect the member’s annual CPD record to be available on membership renewal in line with other professions.

CPD Institute Logo

The Institute of CPD

As a pan-industry organisation, The Institute of CPD is open to professionals across all fields, and a home to those dedicated to demonstrating professional excellence. Depending on their membership level, a member of the Institute will commit to 10 or 30 hours of CPD per year.

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