Your training centre + CPD Accreditation = MORE STUDENTS

Make it easy for learners to choose your training courses!

In the exceptionally competitive market that education currently is, it all boils down to people's ability to differentiate between educational organisations. Add CPD Accreditation to make it a no-brainer for your prospects to choose your learning activities. CPD Accreditation will help you with:

A Badge of Quality

Demonstration of Authority

Additional Certificate Value

Your handy guide to CPD for training centres, universities, academies, and other education organisations

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Become a certified training and course provider and award CPD points to your learners.

How can CPD accreditation help your training centre, academy, or university?

Comprehending the significance of offering education in a rapidly changing academic environment is imperative. As an educational institution, you bear the responsibility of molding and developing the minds of countless learners - arming them with the latest skills, knowledge, and innovative techniques.

In a world flooded with education providers, the distinction that CPD accreditation makes can elevate your learning offerings from simply effective to absolutely essential.

By showcasing your unwavering commitment to educational excellence and your capability to award CPD points, you are not just enriching the learner's journey but also proving the superiority of your programmes. This can ultimately render your institution the preferred choice for learners seeking to thrive in today's competitive professional environment.

How can you become CPD accredited?

3 simple steps

Book a CPD Advisor Appointment

Our CPD Advisors have a wealth of knowledge about CPD in the education industry! They will be delighted to help you understand if CPD accreditation is the right choice for you, and if yes - what you need to do to obtain it.

Register with the CPD Standards Office

If you have decided to go ahead with your CPD accreditation, your first step will be to register with the CPD Standards Office and become a member of a global community of professionals dedicated to educational excellence.

Complete your


Complete your assessment submission with the help of our assessors and you will soon receive your accreditation, along with many other benefits, available to those accredited by the CPD Standards Office.

When you get accredited, you will...

  • Sell your training to a much wider audience
  • Add INSTANT, professional credibility
  • Be seen as the BEST in your market
  • Beat your competitors
  • Gain a HUGE market share
  • Attract a higher standard of signups
  • Give your attendees MORE confidence
  • Develop profitable opportunities
  • Validate your professionalism
  • Enhance your presence and reputation

Is CPD mandatory in the Education Industry

Yes, and no. Although CPD is not yet a strict requirement for educators, there are many conversations happening on government level that indicate a change in this policy will be happening soon.

As for the provision of CPD points by educational organisations such as academies, universities, training centres and others - more and more professionals are requiring CPD (CPE or CE) points to satify the requirements of their professional bodies.

CPD for different type of education organisations

Here's a short list of some of the professional bodies that requite CPD from their members.

Enhance your training and course delivery to help healthcare professionals complete their CPD requirements.

CPD Accreditation for Universities

More and more universities rely on income from additional educational activities, such as short courses or mini specialisations to secure the necessary cashflow.

The professionals, however, for whom these courses are designed are often inclined to disregard universities as only suitable to prepare people for entry-level roles.

CPD Accreditation can be the tool that enables univertisites to complete in the market of professional education and significantly increase delegate flow.

CPD Accreditation for Academies

Academies, both virtual and those who offer in-person training find themselves in challenging times.

With the growth of content creators and self-proclaimed online gurus, the competition for the attention of learners is ever-growing.

Now, more than ever, it would be essential for academies to differenciate their educational activity and to emphasise on the professional value of the learning they offer and CPD accreditation can be the perfect method to stand out.

CPD Accreditation for Training Centres

Training centres, particularly those who offer a large variety of training courses, commonly struggle to direct learners to the correct course for them, often overwhelming prospective students.

CPD Accreditation can be a fantastic way to both differenciate the educational activities fit for professionals from the rest, whilst simultaniously demonstrating high quality and effectiveness of the learning.

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